Find Out Ideas To Create Sexy Eyes Makeup Every Day

Sexy eyes makeup doesn’t necessarily presuppose that it has to be bold and fierce. There are tons of simple ways to make your eye makeup sexy and your look seductive. In order to create this kind of look, you don’t need red lipstick, let your eyes do the talking.


Fantastic Sexy Eyes

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The best ideas of sexy makeup for brown eyes are in warm tones. Try contrasting colors on the outer and inner edge of your lid. Brown plus yellow looks great.


Sexy Eyes for Every Woman

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The most flattering type of eyeshadow for blue eyes is also warm toned, but cold toned eyeshadow looks magnificent, too. Try different shades of violet, gold, and pink.

Sexy Eyes For Every Occasion

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Bronze or pinky smoky eyes are a perfect example of a simple sexy eye look. Liner is optional. A tiniest bit of contouring, full brows, neutral lips, and a look is complete.


Incredible Sexy Eyes Makeup Looks

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A cut crease look is totally hip right now in the beauty world. Everyone wears it. And it is a nice way to create sexy eye makeup when you plan a night out.

Sexy Eyes Makeup DIY

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Another way to create a seductive look is colorful liner. Step aside from your regular black liner and try something creative like blue, white, or even shimmering liner.


Chic Sexy Eyes

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There is a great makeup trend in the beauty world nowadays. That is to underline you bottom lash line with a contrasting and bold color even if your makeup is neutral.

Glam Sexy Makeup Ideas

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Here we got some cute ways, how to express how sexy you are.

FAQ: Sexy Eyes

How can I make my eyes look seductive?

You can make your eyes look seductive by accentuating them, achieving a more open eye makeup look, following your eye shape. You can choose a shimmery eye makeup look with a emphasized wing liner or go for a smokey eye look. And most importantly, truly seductive eyes are the ones that shine when you are looking at a person you love.

How to do a smoky fox eye makeup look?

  1. After you primed your eyes, applied concealer and set with a powder, apply a dark brown eyeshadow to an outer corner dragging it outwards with a small tapered blending brush.
  2. Take a lighter brown shade to blend out the edges, creating a winged eyeshadow look.
  3. Take an orangey color and blend inwards (the color takes up the half of your lid) and outwards to pull the outer corner. Apply small amount of that onto the crease area.
  4. Take a beige color and press it onto the lid using a fluffy brush.
  5. Add black eyeshadow to the outer corner, blend out the edges.
  6. Add dark brown with a thin brush to wing off the inner corner.
  7. Apply mascara and false lashes emphasizing the outer corner.