Some Inspiration For Your Graduation Nails

Your graduation nails will be the most outstanding at a party with the help of our tips. All your school girlfriends will envy your sophisticated manicure and ask you how you got inspired. Yes, our photo gallery is powerful enough to make you the Queen of the Ball. It's like magic: subtle, invisible and almighty. Let your image be flawless when saying bye-bye to school and heading towards your adult life.


Glitter Accents For Graduation Nails To Inspire You

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Like any holiday nails, these should be vivid and convey your festive mood. And what can be more festive than sparkling glitter nail polish? Add some glitter accents to your manicure to really rock it!


Triangle Nail Designs

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What is your favorite pattern that you often involve into nail art? We have several patterns that we love, and a triangle is definitely among them. A triangle will add some edginess to your manicure.

Nature Inspired Graduation Nail Art

Source: galanea_marta via Instagram, lakodzen via Instagram, yagala via Instagram Source: nails_bychels via Instagram, anna_yudasova_nail_art via Instagram, ib_nails via Instagram Considering that graduation is the time when you say goodbye to your childhood, why not honor this moment and get a super-girly manicure? Rock one of these nail designs inspired by nature.


Lovely Graduation Nail Desings

Source: lieve91 via Instagram, alinahoyonailartist via Instagram Source: laublm via Instagram, nails_bychels via Instagram, tanya_wish via Instagram Looking for some pretty nail art ideas? Here they are. Whether you opt for a manicure in lighter or darker shades, it will stand out with one of these designs. Keep in mind that rhinestones will make it more festive.

Matte Nails For Graduation

Source: lori_nails via Instagram, lori_nails via Instagram, nailbarandbeautylounge via Instagram Source: solinsnaglar via Instagram, pb_nails_poland via Instagram, naildby_j via Instagram Acrylic nails in matte have recently become super popular. It is a cool way to spice up your manicure routine. Tired of the glossy texture? Then matte is your solution for this event. All girls will ask you where you've got this idea!


Abstracted Nail Art Designs

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All those Geometry lessons haven't gone unnoticed, right? Even if it wasn't your favorite subject, you should definitely try to adorn your nude nails with an abstract design. You can draw your inspiration from the artworks of famous abstractionists or simply from the amazing photos we've handpicked for you.

FAQ: Graduation Nails

What color nails should I get for graduation?

Typically, your graduation nails should represent taste and elegance. The occasion calls for nude colors and minimal design. Go for a matte finish for your nude manicure or get all-time favorite French tips. Choose length that you are most comfortable wearing. Ask your technician to add an accent of colors that match your graduation gown, if you want to spice up your look.

How to do Graduation cap nail art?

  1. Paint your nail white.
  2. Using the thin brush and the color that matches your graduation gown, paint a rhombus in the middle of your nail.
  3. Paint the base of your cap a bit lower, leaving a tiny white gap in between.
  4. With the thin brush and black nail polish draw your graduation year underneath. Add words “class of” above.
  5. Draw a white line from the center of your rhombus and then lead down, paint a little tassel in the end. Draw a dot in the middle of your cap.
  6. Apply top coat.