There are plenty of ideas of pretty makeup for summer and we found the most popular and easy-to-apply ones. It’s time for you to diversify the types of makeup you wear because when the weather makes it more pleasant to venture out, there’s a good chance you’ll be going out every night.


Catchy Summer Makeup With Black Eyeliner And Pencil

Black Eyeliner With Hot Pink Lipstick Makeup #pinklipstick
Nude Pretty Makeup With Bold Black Eyeliner #blackeyeliner
Black Eyeliner With Pink Lipgloss Makeup Idea #pinklipgloss
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Catchy Summer Makeup picture4
Catchy Summer Makeup picture5
Matte Pretty Summer Makeup Idea #mattelipstick
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Look, here are some DIY makeup ideas for you. Be sure that your pre-makeup ritual includes exfoliating, moisturizing, and applying plenty of SPF – the key to stunning pretty summer makeup is healthy skin, after all. Summer makeup is all about being fresh and fun.


Natural Summer Pretty Makeup

Natural Summer Makeup picture7
Natural Summer Makeup picture8
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Natural Summer Makeup picture10
Natural Summer Makeup picture11
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And if you are not an expert, don’t worry, as there are many types of makeup for beginners. These ideas will be great for a date with a man of your dreams as well as for a girls’ night out.

Pretty Eye Makeup For Summer

Eye Makeup for Summer picture13
Eye Makeup for Summer picture14
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Eye Makeup for Summer picture16
Eye Makeup for Summer picture17
Eye Makeup for Summer picture18
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You can see some ideas of makeup in our selection of these really cool and fancy pictures. Imagine, your eyes are going to be very expressive and hypnotizing, all girls dream about it and you can do it! Go ahead, experiment with your appearance; no one likes boredom and monotony.


Fabulous Lipstick For Your Bright Summer

Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture19
Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture20
Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture21
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Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture22
Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture23
Fabulous Lipstick for Your Bright Summer picture24
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In our selection of pictures you can see some colors of lipstick that you probably could not even imagine. And if you’ve never tried to wear a bright lipstick, do not be afraid to do it. You are even going to feel different – more confident and attractive.

Fresh Glossy And Matte Summer Makeup Ideas

Shimmer Smokey Eyes Makeup Idea #shimmersmokey
Catchy Summer Makeup picture6
Matte Smokey With Nude Lipgloss Makeup #mattesmokey
Source: Instagram/iluvsarahii, Instagram/aniamilczarczyk, Instagram/dianamaria_mua

This summer makeup trends will combine both glossy and matte looks. That is why if you are a dedicated fan of either – you have nothing to worry about; you can easily pull off your favorite look without the fear of looking out-of-date.


Cat Eyes Makeup Ideas

Shimmer Yellow Smokey With Cat Eyeliner #cateyes
Purple Cut Crease With Smudge Cat Eyeliner #pinklipstick
Natural Look With Black Cat Eyeliner
Source: Instagram/romaneinnc, Instagram/tominamakeup, Instagram/natali_danish

There is something feline about every lady, and we are not going even to try denying it. One of the best proofs to the point is the invention of such pretty eye makeup as cat-eye makeup. When the summer hits, you can sport the look in any shade you like, however, nude tones are still the trending ones.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas

Shimmer Smokey With Natural Lips #naturallips
Brown Smokey Eyes Makeup #nudelipstick
Soft Shimmer Smokey WIth Nude Lips #shimmersmokey
Source: Instagram/bybrookelle, Instagram/, Instagram/elena_sanko_make_up

Over the centuries, there have been many cute makeup looks invented. However, nothing compares with classy smokey eyes. Be it a darker chocolate brown smokey or fairy-like golden one – all are perfectly fit for the evening stroll on a warm summer night!

Makeup Ideas With Colorful Eyeliner

Makeup Idea With White Eyeliner #whiteeyeliner
Colorful Eyeliners Makeup #yelloweyeliner
Orange Smokey With Green Eyeliner #greeneyeliner
Source: Instagram/romaneinnc, Instagram/cesarmushi, Instagram/my_7days

The upcoming season is going to bring in a lot of pretty makeup looks, and that is simply marvelous. If you are an eyeliner makeup fan, we suggest that you put your black liner aside for a while and give in to that color festival that the summer brings!



Juicy Bright Makeup Ideas

Bright Makeup Idea
Juicy Makeup with Colorful Eyeshadows
Bright Summer Makeup with Purple Glitter
Juicy Colorful Summer Makeup with Blue Eyeliner
Colorful Eyeshadows Makeup Idea
Red and Blue Makeup Idea
Green and Pink Makeup For Summer

FAQ: Pretty Makeup

How do I keep my makeup from melting in the summer?

  • Use primer that is suitable for your skin type: hydrating or matte primer.
  • Replace full coverage foundation for tinted sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, BB cream or CC cream.
  • Pencil eyeliner smudges easily in hot weather, choose rather a gel or liquid one.
  • Powder blush or bronzer lasts longer than a crème product.
  • Setting spray is another product that will keep your makeup from melting.

What is tinted sunscreen for?

Tinted sunscreen fulfills the role of a usual sunscreen, which is blocking UV and blue light therefor preventing premature aging. Tinted sunscreen, in its turn, can be used to even out the skin tone and can be applied with or instead of foundation. Moreover, tinted sunscreen moisturizes skin and doesn’t clog pores making it a perfect alternative for summer.

How do you make fake freckles?

Freckles look amazing with any summer makeup. People who naturally don’t have freckles can use several products to get them temporally.

  • Use brown eyebrow pencil or brown matte eyeshadow to scatter dots chaotically onto your face. Tap with your fingertip to blend them out.
  • Use natural henna (test before applying), put some dots on your face, let dry for one hour, remove henna.
  • Use self-tan. Dip stippling brush into the tan, dab over your face, leave for a few hours, rinse.
  • Cosmetics comprise a range of products that are used to care for the face and body or to enhance or change the appearance of the face or body. Source
  • We found the prettiest, easy-to-copy makeup trends you're about to see everywhere for summer 2020. Plus, the products and skills you'll need to recreate them. Source