The Full Guide To The Dank 90s Makeup Look For Your Inspiration

Get Yourself A Killer 90s Makeup Look In A Few Easy Steps

Some people say that 90s makeup has always been there. Others believe that it made a huge comeback as a fashion trend. No matter who's right or wrong, one thing's for sure, it's very much here to stay. We've compiled the 90s maquillage guide to immerse you into this epoch of grunge and glitter. So, whether you feel nostalgic or you just like following the current tendencies, here are some ideas for your inspiration.


Berry Lipstick With Smudge Brown Line

Source: christendominique via Instagram

One of the most recognizable 90s makeup trends was to line the lower lashline with a bold black eyeliner, which actually made eyes look smaller. Today, we accentuate the lower lashline again but without making the eyes cut out. To achieve this, the line along the lower lashline should be smudged out and blended into the skin. For this purpose, a brown eyeshadow works best. Pair this dramatic eye makeup with a deep burgundy lipstick for a more authentic look.


Soft Shimmer Eyeshadow With Berry Lipstick

Source: alatorreee via Instagram

For a more glowy 90s makeup look, stick to shimmery eyeshadows in neutral tones applied to the upper and lower lids. As for the lips, choose a gorgeous wine-red lipstick with a subtle metallic sheen.

Ombre Lips With Smokey Eyeliner

Source: chloevivaci via Instagram

This 90s inspired makeup lends the idea of a dark lip liner and transforms it into the modern ombre. The eyes are lined with black eyeliner as a tribute to the past. However, its edges are smoked out in accordance with the current trends.


Bold Purple Lipstick For 90s Makeup Trend

Source: sasha_nikolina via Instagram

The 90s were all about statements and bold expressions. That is why same-colored wine-purple lipstick combined with under eye shadow and accented with gold on top define the epoch.

Grunge Makeup With Smokey Eyes

Source: mykie via Instagram

For more daring ladies, here comes grunge. This moody and dark makeup combines dark red lips with flawless matte skin and smokey eyes. How can you not fall in love with it?


Dark Eyes With Brown Lips

Source: cosmobyhaley via Instagram

Brown smokey eyes and rusty matte lips look softer than the 90s grunge makeup, thus blondes would highly appreciate this combination. Also, you can easily sport it in the daytime without excessive staring from the people who are out of step.

Bold Grunge Look

Source: lupescuevas via Instagram

Now, this 90s goth makeup won't let you unnoticed for sure. Following the 90s makeup trends of a dark moody look, we suggest opting for a vampy pout joined with the black smokey eye. It looks unbelievably grunge with pale matte skin and dark hair.

Grunge Makeup With Glossy Eyeshadow

Source: alexandra_anele via Instagram

If you are looking for a makeup idea to help you stand out from the crowd, we may have something in store. The thing is that bold, glossy eyeshadow combined with not less bold lips will result in a super grunge look that will make you noticeable no matter where you go.


Soft Smokey With Nude Lips

Source: mykie via Instagram

Supermodels were real trend-setters of the 90s style makeup. This variation of a glamorous nude makeup has lived to this day. It's not a "no makeup" look, which is so popular nowadays. Instead, it's a full face makeup with soft smokey eye and nude lipgloss. The 90s makeup chic as it is.

Black Eyeliner With Nude Lips

Source: eman via Instagram

A bold black cat eye makeup partnered with matte nude lipstick looks sexy and appealing. An immortal classic of the 90s makeup.

Classic Eyes With Pink Makeup

Source: ditagraudamakeuplooks via Instagram

This is probably the most low-key 90s supermodel makeup. Simple yet elegant winged eyeliner complemented with soft pink opaque lipstick for a pure beauty enhancing look.


Pink Glitter Eyeshadow With Frozen Lips

Source: hudabeautyshop via Instagram

Not all the look in the 90s were too daring. After all, there should be something to wear on a daily basis, right? That is when glittery pink eyeshadow, simple cat eye, and gentle pink lips come in.

Pink And Blue Shadows For Bright Makeup

Source: abellyc via Instagram

Makeup from the 90s involves a lot of bright and shimmer eyeshadows, sometimes separately, sometimes pulled off in one look. Bright pink and blue frosty eyeshadows are harmonized with the help of the winged black eyeliner in this look. For an added sheen, apply a moonlight illuminizer to the cheekbones and nose tip.

Glossy Blue Eyeshadow

Source: frankiepdarling via Instagram

Another signature makeup look of the 90s is blue eyeshadow. Today though, we resort to two extremes, either a matte or glossy finish, no shimmer allowed. If you opt for the glossy eyeshadow, ensure that you use a really high-quality one. Otherwise, it'll crease in the blink of an eye.


Color Shadow Makeup For Dark Skin

Source: mayasworld via Instagram

A flamboyant eyeshadow looks really flattering for darker skin tones because the colors appear even brighter. For the perfect 90s black girl makeup look, go with nude ombre glossy lips.

Blue Smokey With Pink Blush

Source: amelia.szczepaniak via Instagram

Surely, blue shadows were on the edge of popularity during the 90s. That is why if you would like to look like a princess from Frozen movie, such a look is more than appropriate. Besides, pink blush only intensifies the impression that you have come in from the frosty walk outside.

Yellow And Blue Shadow With Black Eyeliner

Source: olgadann via Instagram

You may think that only 80s involved toxic colors. However, the trend traveled through the 90s too. That is why a combo of blue and yellow shimmery shadows completed by a bold winged cat eye is a look to try out.


Red Lips With Pink And Orange Glitter Shadow Makeup Idea

Source: amelia.szczepaniak via Instagram

Red lips are classy; no one is going to disagree upon that. However, bright pink glossy eyeshadow is something that only 90s could have allowed. Pair the two, and you will get an outstanding makeup look.

Blue And Purple Glitter Shadow Makeup

Source: _makeup_by_aleks via Instagram

Almost every 90s eye makeup is getting into glitter territory. It'd be a real lapse not to make use of it. The same concerns the combo of blue and purple colors in the makeup, which really complement each other. Don't forget to cover everything with matching glitter.

Silver Glitter With Color Eyeliner Look

Source: victoria_gabrielxo via Instagram

This silver glitter winged eye makeup with a terracotta outline is a real incarnation of the most popular 90s makeup trends. The black eyeliner on both waterlines and false eyelashes finishes the look.


Deep Green Eyeshadow Color And Glitter Makeup

Source: _looksbylyss_ via Instagram

You can regard green as new blue in terms of the 90s makeup. Combine different shades of green in one makeup to achieve this gorgeous emerald smokey eye. Add multi-sized glitter to top it all off.

Smokey Eye Tutorial For Grunge Makeup

Source: ownurlook via Instagram

Now, when you have plenty of ideas to choose from, it's time to learn how to create your very own 90s colors makeup. Lucky for us, the 90s eyebrows aren't back, so do your brow game strong anytime you like.

To achieve the flawless smokey eye grunge makeup, follow the next steps:

1. Prime your eyelids to create the base for the long-lasting makeup. 2. Apply a light gray eyeshadow all over the upper lid, going above the crease a little. Blend the edges outward thoroughly. 3. Apply a black eyeshadow to the upper lid and the crease, not going above it. 4. Apply a coal-gray shimmer eyeshadow to the upper lid, staying below the crease. 5. Mirror everything that you've got so far on the lower eyelid, without going too low. Drag a black gel eyeliner or kajal along your upper and lower waterlines and add intense black mascara. 6. Highlight the inner corner with a white shimmery eyeshadow and apply false lashes.

Glitter Eyes Tutorial For Festive Look

Source: glamorousreflections via Instagram

Here’s another 90s makeup tutorial with a cut crease and glitter for the upcoming festive season:

  1. After you've primed your upper lid, apply an off-white eyeshadow to the eyebrow area.
  2. Use a warm neutral eyeshadow to define the crease.
  3. Duplicate the previous step with a wine-red eyeshadow. Blend everything out thoroughly.
  4. Apply a dark taupe eyeshadow directly to the crease.
  5. Apply the same wine-red eyeshadow all over the upper lid.
  6. Use a black liquid eyeliner to create a winged eye.
  7. Cover the upper lid with the red glitter to match the eyeshadow. Clean off any flaws, like the eyeshadow or glitter fallout.
  8. Define the lower lashline with the taupe eyeshadow. Apply intense black mascara and false eyelashes.


Bright Color Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Source: glamorousreflections via Instagram

And our final tutorial on how to do bright color 90s makeup is as follows:

  1. Prime your lids first. With a pencil brush, apply a dark blue matte eyeshadow to the outer and inner corners of the eye and through the crease.
  2. Apply a brighter blue eyeshadow to the inner edges of the dark blue eyeshadow with a domed brush.
  3. Buff out the crease line with a yellow eyeshadow.
  4. Apply concealer or foundation to the center of the lid.
  5. Duplicate the previous step with a white glitter eyeshadow.
  6. Apply a teal shimmer eyeshadow as a transitional color between the bright blue and white eyeshadows.
  7. Recreate the same pattern along the lower lashline.
  8. Apply eyeliner to the upper lashline and false lashes.

The 90s makeup is one of the biggest beauty trends to make a comeback. It was definitely worth all the hype. And we hope you've enjoyed our modernized retrospective of the 90s looks so much that you've picked up one for yourself.