80s Makeup Trends That Will Blow You Away

Gorgeous 80s Makeup Ideas For You

80s makeup history has always been remembered as creative, loud and bright. After the nude makeup trends, some colors are needed to pop. This is the reason why it appears everywhere you go again. Beauty gurus start experimenting with colors more and fashion bloggers add gorgeous accents to their looks with the help of this era`s makeup tricks. Would you like to try out new things and keep your beauty skills strong? Then we have some suggestions for you.

Bright Eyeshadow And Bold Lips Makeup

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When we think about 80s makeup, what is the first thing that comes to our minds? Colors. Especially bright ones that blend in together to create a crazy juicy mix. Pink, blue, dark blue and yellow - all in one eye makeup look. Extravagant and super fun-looking, if blended well. Complete the look with bold pink lipstick and you will not be disappointed.


Bold Eyes Makeup With Red Lipstick

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A lot of makeup artists have stated a rule that if you apply bold eye makeup, lips have to be of natural colors or vice versa. However, 80s trends are all about brightness. The more colorful shades you add, the better. Why don`t you try colorful purple smoky eye? Add red lipstick to keep the look as creative as possible.


Blue Eyeshadow With Glitter 80s Makeup Look

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A lot of people associate 80s with bright blue eyeshadow, and we have nothing against it. Blend a gorgeous tone of the blue skies perfectly, and you will get a colorful smoky effect that can become a great stylish detail in your look. Sprinkle some glitter on top and catch glances at your face more often than usual.


Two-Colored Eyeshadow With Soft Pink Lipgloss

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A soft lip color is still present in 80s makeup, although, you should get prepared to rock glitter colors for the eyes. Add a screaming pink color and blend it up to your brows to get a wonderful transition. Pop some purple into the corners of your eyes and add pink glossy lipstick to lower down the tone of the whole look.


Purple Eyeshadow With Shimmery Blush Look

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Do you have a darker skin tone? We have found a look for you that will make your world go round a bit faster. Bright purple eyeshadow should be blended with some effort to bring a gorgeous dreamy look to your eyes with a pop of intense pink blush that goes up from your cheekbones to the eyes. Such bright colors will look so soft on you.

Soft Pink Lips With Bright Eyes Makeup

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If you don`t want to be too much, but would still like to try 80s makeup and hair trends, we have something for you in store. Apply bright thick blue eyeliner and smoke it out with some eyeshadow to get more of a soft look. Add a classic nude pink color, and your look is complete!

80s Star Makeup Look

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Among all the 80s makeup pictures, you will find this one for sure. Soft smoky eyeshadow with a perfect match of super bright glossy red lipstick. Pop some color into your makeup routine and make it appear softer with the perfect application and blending techniques.


80s Rock Makeup Idea

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Shimmer is number one trend today. It is everywhere, so why don`t we add it to our blue eyeshadow makeup look? Put shimmer eyeshadow all over the lid and wing it out. Loud, screaming eye makeup that will make you look like a rock star.

Glam Rock 80s Makeup Idea

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We have talked about the popularity of pinks and blues, but we haven`t mentioned another makeup trend that came from the 80s. Icy glittery white highlighter that was used to highlight the brow bone and the corners of the eyes. To make the look appear more modern, add to your cheekbones the same highlighter you used in the inner corner of your eyes. And shine bright like a diamond.

Bold Makeup In A Dark Color

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Not only bright colors were popular to use. Dark ones were favorite for some ladies, too. Add black eyeshadow to your eyelid and blend it. Don`t forget to apply it to your lower lash-line. To get a cool metallic effect, you can add some icy white eyeshadow on top and blend it up to your brows.


80s Makeup Inspiration

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Do you like interesting details in makeup looks? Glitter, sprinkles or fake tattoos on your face? Then why don`t you draw some? Do colorful bright makeup, using some 80s favorite colors and apply some black stripes all over your eyelids and down to your cheeks. Get creative with us and you will look different in the crowd for sure.

Heavy Eyeliner With Silver Glitter Makeup Idea

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Where does the heavy eyeliner trend come from? You may be surprised but it was popular in the 80s, too. Apply some creamy eyeliner to your upper and lower lash line and blend it with a pencil brush to get a soft smokey effect. Apply some silver eyeshadow all over your eyelid and blend it to look seamless up to the brows. Stunning, isn`t it?

A Double Eyeliner Eye Makeup Idea

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Are you looking for something new and would like to experiment with the usual makeup you do? Let`s get creative together then. Use purple eyeshadow as a transition shade in your crease and add the blue one all over your lid. Apply thick eyeliner wing with black liner and, under it, add a thin glittery dark blue line. Smoke your lower lash line with some black eyeliner and add the purple shade for the gorgeous blend.


A Pop Of Colors Glitter Makeup Idea

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Glitter is so interesting to work with! Not everyone can rock it, but are you ready to give it a try?

Use a beige color as a transition shade and put it into your crease. Then cover your lid with the glitter primer and use some colorful orange, pink and pastel purple glitter to apply all over the eyelid. Apply thick eyeliner to the upper and lower lash line. What a pop of color!

A Pink And Purple Eyeshadow Makeup Look

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A pink and purple combination is the legendary 80s makeup idea. Let`s think of the way to use them. Apply some beige transition shade to the crease and blend it perfectly. Add purple eyeshadow to the inner corner and outer corner of your eye. And with the help of a fluffy blending brush, smoke it out. Use bright pink eyeshadow on the lid and complete the look with thick black eyeliner. Apply the same color scheme to the lower lash line.

An 80s Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Would you like to learn how to do a perfect inspired by the 80s eye look? Then follow our instructions. Apply bright pink eyeshadow to the crease and blend it, add some purple to get a beautiful transition. On top, put on some bright dark blue eyeshadow and a soft fading effect should be achieved by all the layering and blending of colors. Complete the look with some metallic blue eyeshadow all over the lid. And layering of the same colors we use on the lower lash line.


A Step By Step 80s Makeup Look

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Let`s create the 80s makeup look that will be creative and bright. Put some beige colored eyeshadow to the crease and blend it to get a smokey effect. Then cover the lid with some concealer to get the shape of the look we want to get. Apply cream peachy pastel eyeshadow carefully, from your inner corner to the middle of the lid. With another brush, complete the wing form we want to achieve with purple pastel cream eyeshadow. Blend the edges for the transition of colors to look seamless. Add bright blue eyeshadow to the lower lash line and complete the look with thick black eyeliner.

A Shimmer Blue Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

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A fun look is here to amaze you and bring some color to your daily life. Apply some peachy shade to the crease and blend it perfectly. Then, under it, apply some purple eyeshadow and blend the edges between the colors. To the center of the lid, put some blue eyeshadow and sprinkle some glitter on top. You should definitely apply a bit of glitter glue under it. Paint a beautiful thick wing with the help of black eyeliner. And don`t forget to line your lower lash line too, before smoking it with purple eyeshadow.

Blue Eyeshadow With Pink 80s Makeup Idea

Bright blue eyeshadow is the significant trend of the ’80s. However, you can as easily pull off such a look these days. All you need to do is to complete your eye makeup with soft shimmery pink lipstick.


Blue Glitter Eyeshadow With Purple Lipstick

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The fact is that blue glitter can look both bright and soft at the same time. To grant such a makeup more modern touch, you can use a purple lipstick with a matte effect to it.

Pink And Green Eyeshadow With Bold Black Eyeliner

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Who says that you can’t match your eyeshadow and your lipstick shade? We say you totally can! However, you need to play around a little with the under eye shadow and the eyeliner. That is it!