Gianna Fiorenze

LOCATION: Long Island, NY
EXPERIENCE: over 10 years
About expert:
Gianna Fiorenze is a professional makeup artist based in Long Island, NY, with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry. Starting her career at the young age of 15, she began by assisting at weddings and special events. Since then, Gianna has worked on countless weddings, numerous special occasions, and TV and celebrity projects.
Gianna believes that when it comes to your appearance, you deserve the best care that money can buy. She is passionate about enhancing others’ beauty and making them feel their absolute best. Being a part of someone's most precious moments continuously humbles her, and she is honored to contribute to such significant occasions.
“I am continuously so humbled to have a job where I am a part of someone's most precious moments. I love enhancing other's beauty and making them feel their very best.” - Gianna Fiorenze

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