When shopping for plus size prom dresses, you probably notice that there are many pretty designs to any taste, but are these designs matching, as well? This dilemma is faced by many babes.


We know that your body is hot disregarding its size. And we will tell you more: the ideal dress will only emphasize your beauty. Actually, that is the main quality of the perfect dress for formal events – the ability to enhance your best features.

Today we would like to solve this mystery once and for all and tell you how to pick a dress that will fit and also compliment your curvy body and make you feel really self-confident as a result. Trust us, there will be many occasions in your life when you will need this knowledge. Let’s go!

Women Are Beautiful In Every Shape

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Purple Glitter A-line Prom Dress #alinedress
Rose Gold Maxi Prom Dress Design #rosegolddress
Teal A-line Prom Dress Design #tealdress

Each body shape is beautiful, and the plus size shape is not an exception. You just need to know its perks and ways of enhancing them. And even if your body shape is somewhere in between rather than falling into the general categories like round, pear, apple, and rectangle, you still can find plus size maxi dresses for special occasions that will make you look fantastic. Read on for more tips.


Maxi Plus Size Prom Dresses

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Red And White Prom Dress Design #floralprint #alinedress
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Purple Ball Gown Prom Dress Design #ballgown

Before you start searching for plus size prom dresses, think about the features that you would like to accentuate. Some women have killer curves, others are proud of their toned legs, or think that their décolletage is to die for.

However, there are many women who believe that their size places the restriction on showing off their winning sides. Well, that is absolute nonsense!

Emphasize Your Assets

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A-line Dress With Lace Floral Top #floraltop
Emphasize Your Assets picture 2
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  • Plus size prom dresses will help show off pretty legs if they hit at or above a woman’s knees.
  • If you wish to accentuate the hourglass silhouette you have (oh-la-la how sexy), a peplum gown will do the job.
  • Do you have a beautiful bust-line or collarbone? Emphasize it by wearing a V-neck gown.
  • Speaking of necklines, a scoop neckline, a V-neck, and a sweetheart neckline are your best friends if you are plus size.


Choose Comfortable Style

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When shopping for plus size evening gowns, don’t base your choice on the fashion only. Besides fashion, focus on your style and make sure the design will help you flatter your curves and enhance the positives for you to feel self-confident and comfortable. Source: dariia_model_plussize via Instagram, madebyimon via Instagram, lizlouize via Instagram

A-line Plus Size Blue Dress #alinedress #tulle
Black Sequin Plus Size Prom Dress #sequindress #blackpromdress
Semi-Sweetheart Midnight Blue Prom Dress #crystals #maxidress
The most fitting dress will grant you all of that. And here is another tip: purchase the gown that you like and fit and are able to put on right in this moment. That is, do not force yourself into losing several pounds in order to fit into a smaller gown. It might not work and you will have to purchase a new prom gown as a result.

Opt For A Dress That Fits

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Opt for a Dress that Fits picture 1
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Opt for a Dress that Fits picture 3

When looking for prom dresses plus size, your task is to find the exact size that will fit your body. Remember, a bigger size can make you appear sloppy and larger, and a smaller size will make it difficult for you to breathe. This is important – the true size is your best bet.

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Opt for a Dress that Fits picture 4
Opt for a Dress that Fits picture 5
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There is one more thing to keep in mind: clothing sizes vary greatly and depend on their brand or the store where they are sold. So, instead of trusting the label, trust your eyes and carry several sizes to the fitting room to save your time while shopping. And figure-hugging or fitted outfits are not your enemies. Actually, they can accentuate your body shape, in a good way.


Find A Dress That Creates Waist

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Disregarding her shape, a woman adores showing off her hourglass silhouette because a curvy, feminine look is always sexy. To better emphasize the curve, go for a gown that will create a waist on the smallest part of your torso, and that is probably below your bust line.

Knee-length bodycon gowns and fit-and-flare gowns are feminine and definitely complimenting for plus size babes. In case you have a visible waist, accentuate it. But in case it is barely visible, you can create it. And there are many means how to do it, for example, by accessorizing, wearing special lingerie, or picking the particularly cut gown.

Self Confidence And Self Love

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Self Confidence and Self Love picture 1
Self Confidence and Self Love picture 2
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Do not even dare to think that plus size designer prom dresses are not for you. Yes, we have heard those fashion pieces of advice for plus size babes like ‘avoid vivid colors’ or ‘horizontal stripes will make your body appear wider.’ There are people who worship these rules, and there are people who think it is complete nonsense. Well, we will not command you to break these rules or follow them. Instead, we will tell you that it is crucial to pick a gown that is true to you. It all depends on a woman’s self-love and self-confidence.

Confidence And Comfort

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Confidence and Comfort picture 1
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Confidence and Comfort picture 3

Just enjoy living, dressing with confidence and comfort – these are the keys to the flawless image, not some strange rules. Surely, in case you think these rules will do you good, follow them. But in case you find those rules oppressing, break them. Always remember that when it comes to your outfits, it is for you to decide. No one can make that choice for you. Fashion must bring us enjoyment, and in no case frustration.


Dress Makes a Princess From Any Woman

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Dress Makes a Princess From Any Woman Picture 1
Dress Makes a Princess From Any Woman Picture 2
Dress Makes a Princess From Any Woman Picture 3

We hope you enjoy these pics of trendy plus size prom dresses and find our tips really useful. Come back anytime you lack fashion inspo.

FAQ: Plus Size Prom Dresses

What prom dresses look good on plus size?

Prom dresses that have a ball gown silhouette look great on plus size. You can choose a ball gown dress with a straight neckline and a belt that accentuates a waist. Another way to elongate the body is choosing a dress with some lace detailing on top that gradually falls down.
You can choose an off-shoulder fitted bodice with a heart neckline if you want to embrace your curves.

How to diversify plus size prom dresses?

If you like to stand out, you can choose such decorative elements as lace embroidery, crystals, chiffon or glitter fabric. Wear a dress with hand stitch lace embroidery and crystals on the top, high neck and chiffon skirt.
If you want to look feminine, choose a multicolored floral print satin prom ball gown with the plunging mesh inverted v-neckline with the belt and a-line skirt.