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Overnight Beauty & Healthy Skin Tips

All of us have heard the term “beauty sleep.” It is true that our bodies need 7-9 hours of solid sleep a night. While we are sleeping, our body naturally repairs and rejuvenates our cells. However, there are some simple tricks we can use to wake up feeling younger, happier and healthier. This article contains some simple and cost-effective beauty tricks and healthy skin tips to help you wake up feeling happier and healthier!

Some tips for healthy skin are so easy, like eat the best foods for skin and drink much water. For example, drink a glass of water before going to bed. This will hydrate our skin as well as our internal organs. Also avoid straining your eyes by using your electronic devices such as your cellphone, tablet or laptop before going to bed. Give your eyes a chance to rest.

Our skin care tips are not costly. Instead of spending a ton of money on expensive salon or health and beauty products, you can use products you probably already have in your kitchen or medicine cabinet such as coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Beauty doesn’t have to come with a price! Read further our beauty and healthy skin tips so that you could wake up looking like the diva!

14 Beauty and Healthy Skin Tips

Healthy Skin

1. Wash Your Face

All beauty secrets in the world won’t make an ounce of difference unless you wash your face before going to bed. Makeup will clog your pores and cause breakouts, dry skin, or wrinkles depending on your skin type. Wash your face with the cleanser that is the best for your skin type or keep a supply of makeup removing cloths handy.

2. Moisturize

Always moisturize to wake up with soft, glowing skin. You can use a store-bought product of your choice, or you can apply coconut oil, vitamin-E oil or olive oil. Gently massage it into your skin before going to sleep.

14 Beauty and Healthy Skin Tips

3. Fight Acne

Pimples always show up at the worst times, but have no fear; you can fight them while you are asleep. Apply a small dab of toothpaste and leave it on your face overnight. Or, dab on a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Both of these remedies are proven to help reduce pimples radically.

4. Hydrate Your Skin

If you live in an area where the climate is dry, you should sleep with a humidifier in your room. This will help hydrate your skin while you are sleeping. Keeping your skin properly hydrated is one of the best healthy skin tips you will ever need.

5. Prevent Wrinkles

You probably already use a face mask, night cream or anti-wrinkle serum, but studies show that “sleep masks” are more effective for preventing wrinkles. The most recommended sleep mask contains cranberry extract and skin plumping hyaluronic acid which can both hydrate your skin and fight wrinkles while you are asleep.

Sparkling Eyes

1. Prevent bags & circles

Massage a small amount of almond oil around your eyes to help prevent fine lines and dark circles before you go to bed. Coconut Oil works, as well. Coconut Oil is a also a great means to help your tired eyes in the morning. Apply a small amount around your eyes as soon as you wake up to get rid of those tired eyes.

14 Beauty and Healthy Skin Tips

2. Lengthen Your Lashes

Simply applying a small amount of castor oil along your lash line before you go to bed can help give you longer, fuller lashes.

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