By: | Updated: 08/02/2017

1. Blonde Balayage Tones

Source: Emilyrosehannon via Instagram

Blonde Balayage Tones

If you aren’t yet ready to make a dramatic change to your locks, you can try this blonde balayage style. Those with blonde hair can just mix in some darker shades, while brunettes can add some light blonde balayage tones to soften their look. This way, you still have contrasting colors without going over the top. This look is perfect for those who work in a professional setting.

2. Warm and Cool Combo

Source: Cris_xox88 via Instagram

Warm and Cool Combo

This half-and-half combo of bright turquoise blue and platinum blonde is just stunning. A cool and warm combo is a bit edgy and extremely eye-catching. If you want to stand out from the crowd, try a fun cool to warm fade or half-and-half combo. Pastel shades work just as nicely as brighter shades. And “half-and-half” can mean horizontal, vertical or even diagonal – the look is totally up to you! This look has endless combinations of color for a bold, new look!

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