Trendy and matching graduation dresses: if that’s what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. We know how significant this day is, and you will probably remember it for the rest of your life. So, it means that everything must be flawless, including your gown.


It’s all like when you were searching for prom dresses – here there are also many aspects to consider. There is a huge number of gowns available, but which one is ideal for you? Think about the type of gown you wish to wear and also the amount of money you can spend.

The prices vary, and even though it might sound surprising, cheap prom dresses and graduation gowns do not only exist but are also worth buying. So, let’s figure out which gown will make you look and feel your best.

Matching The Color With The Graduation Gown

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When choosing dresses for the graduation ceremony, first of all, take into account the color and design of the graduation gown suggested by the special committee of your educational establishment. Traditionally, the graduation robe is in black. However, not every educational establishment uses this particular color. Every educational establishment has its own colors, so the committee might pick one of these colors for this year’s robes.

In case the robe is extremely light, it is advisable not to go for dark graduation dresses to wear under the gown. You might wish to stay away from prints, as well because it will probably be seen through the light fabric. But of course, if the suggested by the committee robe is in a dark color or its fabric is rather thick, there are no limits to the choice of color for your dress.

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There are many graduation dress ideas, but you should think through your overall image first because it will dictate the design of your gown. Returning to the aspect of the dress color, besides matching your robe, the dress color would better be modest rather than screaming. It’s a formal event after all.

So, graduation dresses white, pale yellow, silver, peach, lilac, black, blue, gray, pink, light green, etc. are to go for. Sophisticated ivory and white graduation dresses are also acceptable.


Perfect Length And Volume For Your Graduation Dress

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When thinking what to wear under cap and gown for high school graduation, do not forget that besides the dress color, there are other elements that are likely to be seen through the overlaying graduation robe. And in case you happen to pick the gown that is extra voluminous or long, it will be seen from below the robe or maybe give some strange silhouette to your body. You certainly don’t want that to happen because everyone will stare at you when you walk to receive the diploma.

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So, graduation dresses for high school as well as for college should be short, however, not extra short due to the extent of the formality of the occasion. Many babes go for tea-length gowns that end somewhere between their ankles and knees.

It would be wise to pick a gown that will follow those pretty natural lines of the body. You’d better try on the gown with the robe right in the store to ensure that its volume and length are suitable for the robe.

Embrace The Prints Peculiar To Springtime

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Graduations tend to occur when it’s springtime. So, many babes decide to seize an opportunity and go for floral prints and light colors. And truly, if the graduation ceremony takes place outdoors, a dress with prints and cheerful colors will work great for the occasion. Once you take off the robe, you will be ready to celebrate in a garden.


The Right Fabric For Female Graduation Outfits

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Just think about it, you will wear a robe and a dress at the same time. Whether this awaited ceremony takes place outside or in an auditorium, it will be quite hot and maybe even stuffy. Add the excitement and nervousness, and you might faint if the fabrics of your outfits are not super lightweight.

The Appropriate Designs Of Gowns For Graduation

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We’d like to emphasize it again – the event is formal. So, opt for university graduation dresses in more formal colors and styles. Talking about the styles, cocktail dresses with U-neck, Sweetheart, V-neck, and halter necklines will work. And yes, you read it right, cocktail dresses can be as formal as the traditional full-length gowns made of satin. However, maxi dresses come in a variety of fabrics like chiffon, tulle, satin, and taffeta. Plus, they can be combined with many details like flowers, sequins, and belts for a more up-to-date look.


Create Your Perfect Look For Graduation Gown

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Now you are ready for Graduation Day! Come back for more interesting and useful info!

Midi Graduation Dresses

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For girls who choose to keep it modest yet elegant and flirty, midi graduation dresses are a perfect choice. They offer an abundance of colors, styles, and shapes. To suit the prom ambiance, opt for royal colors, such as navy blue, emerald or maroon. As for the style of the top, the possibilities are endless. However, you'd probably want to leave your arms and shoulders quite open. Thus, consider one-shoulder dresses or those with spaghetti straps. The skirt, in turn, can be pleated, flowing or pencil.

FAQ: Graduation Dresses

How do parents dress for graduation?

Parents should wear semi-formal or business attire, keeping both weather and location in mind. For example, choosing flats over heels. Wear clothing in colors that coordinate with your graduate’s gown colors. Your outfit should be something you would be happy looking back at in photos for years to come.

What do ladies wear under graduation gown?

Women can wear a shirt and pants. Another option is skirt/dress combination. When choosing a top, you can opt for a scoop-neck top with a modest cut or a collared blouse. Don’t choose a dress that is too long because it will make your outfit look heavy.