Festival Outfits For Coachella That Ooze A Carefree Vibe

Discover sassy festival outfits for Coachella along with ravishing Coachella makeup here! We are sure that like all Coachella-goers, you prepare for the festival beforehand. So, we guess you might need some inspirational ideas. Haven’t heard about this festival before? Then we will lure you into attending it one day.


Coachella art and music festival is held since 1999. Back then the festival was quite infamous though. Several music groups gathered their fans in Indio Valley. And just in 1 year the festival gained more popularity and attracted big-names groups. People spread the word about this hipster nirvana that was completely free-spirited.

Now Coachella Day is nationally recognized, and not only for music but also for fashion. The festival has many celeb devotees like rockers, female vocalists, twenty-something Insta stars, and even iconic Victoria’s Secret models. Coachella has excellent fashion reputation. Read on to explore which outfits can work for this festival.

Layered Festival Outfit Looks

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So, what is Coachella fashion? Well, tropical conditions and the heat peculiar to Indio do predetermine the fashion rules of the festival. As a result, a traditional Coachella look is beach appropriate. Babes are unlikely to wear the same outfits for fashionable shindigs. And taking into account that the vibe of this music festival is free-wheeling, attendees tend to be a bit idiosyncratic when it comes to picking their ensembles. In general, if to look at the official website of the festival, you can notice that hats, fanny packs, and dancing shoes are encouraged, while stuffed animals, chain wallets, and high heels are what not to wear to Coachella.

And if to look through the pics from the festival, you can see that Coachella clothing ideas are bohemian and extremely quirky.


Stylish Boho Outfit Ideas With Maxi Dresses Or Skirts

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As for the Coachella maxi dresses and skirts, they are uniquely liberated. And they are inspired not only by institutions that are decades-old, for example, Glastonbury but also from single-time landmarks, for example, Woodstock. Festival outfits simply combine it all: edgy ensembles peculiar to Glastonbury, fringed clothing peculiar to Woodstock and free-flowing gowns, little clothing on, and booties dictated by the music festival atmosphere and hot weather.

Coachella meaning in fashion is difficult to underestimate. Concert-goers and celebrities who attend the festival wear ensembles that are then defined by beauty bloggers as artistic, bohemian, avant-garde and, of course, hipster. The style of the music festival merges hippie-couture that is somewhat relaxed with the attention to every detail, drawn deliberately.

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Here are tips for getting the most appropriate music festival wear.

  • Coachella shoes should not be made of suede or any other material prone to getting dirty and especially getting torn in a blink of an eye. It’s better to opt for the footwear that is quite sturdy.
  • There is no limit to experimenting with colors and styles. Be confident and be daring.
  • Coachella accessories can make your festival image ultimately glorious.
  • In case you have no idea what to put on, just do not go for something complicated.

Sexy Festival Outfit Ideas

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Practically all Coachella themed outfits tend to fall into two basic categories: casual couture and artistic beach-bum. It’s all about your preference. For example, Rita Ora and Solange Knowles, street style celebs, capture the casual couture style. Both are often spotted combining full skirts in vibrant colors, casual shoes, and distressed tees with more elegant crop tops with printed patterns.

And don’t forget about adding statement sunglasses to this unique image. By the way, as we have noticed, the sunglasses chosen for this music festival tend to be oversized and vintage.

Talking about accessories, sun or fedora hats are particularly popular during the festival. Besides being a great addition to the image, these items will protect your head from the sun. Get as creative as you can!


Stylish Summer Ideas For Coachella

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What can we say, the fashion of the festival is and certainly will stay anomalous. It’s the place where you can see the most unexpected combinations of clothing that are unlikely to be spotted in New York or San Francisco. Basically, the festival lets us reveal our insane genius to forget about this outlandish fashion until the next festival. Surely, there is no dress code that is strictly enforced at the festival. But think about it, wouldn’t it be weird to sport a formal gown among wild babes rocking floral halos, bohemian knits, and bright crop tops?

Cool Outfit Ideas For Coachella

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The common hippie festival clothing is like the festival itself – counterculture, casual, and low-key. Keep your image a bit rebellious – that is our main advice.


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Do you find these festival outfits for Coachella totally boho chic? We do, and we will definitely pick something like that for the next festival. Meet you at Coachella!

Black Overlay Coachella Outfits

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If you are looking for some ideas that will make you surely stand out due to the charm and elegance they share, we may have a few ideas in mind. The thing is that black overlay outfits will always fit in the atmosphere not to mention the fashionable vibe they will grant!

FAQ: Coachella

What is Coachella Boho?

Coachella boho is a popular fashion style you can see people wearing at Coachella Music Festival. It is an aesthetic of free-spirited clothing rich with retro patterns, light natural fabrics, and statement accessories.

What should you not wear to Coachella?

Keep in mind that it gets super warm at Coachella so do not overdo your makeup, a face of full-coverage makeup will only cause discomfort when it melts, while applying SPF protection is absolutely essential. Do not forget to wear sunglasses. Choose lightweight fabrics that allow you to move freely. Choose boots or sneakers instead of heels or flip flops, this is a safety measure.