By: | Updated: 10/03/2018

You Will Sparkle With These Glitter Gold Nails Designs

Gold nails designs: we all love them. But what’s so special about gold nail designs with glitter that makes them super popular, that is, is there a reason for our attraction to things that sparkle?

Actually, there is: culturally, we love sparkling nail colors because we associate them with status and wealth. But it’s all deeper than you think. This phenomenon is not only about the beauty of shiny things. There is evidence that little kids prefer taking shiny objects and try to eat them over matte objects.

And this impulse exists for thousands of years. It is connected with the human instinct to search for water. Streams and rivers were always shimmering, so this urge to look for shiny things is a part of our evolution. How curious!

Now let’s follow our instincts and see inspiring and amazing nail designs with gold and glitter.

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