Gold nails designs: we all love them. But what’s so special about gold nail designs with glitter that makes them super popular, that is, is there a reason for our attraction to things that sparkle?


Actually, there is: culturally, we love sparkling nail colors because we associate them with status and wealth. But it’s all deeper than you think. This phenomenon is not only about the beauty of shiny things. There is evidence that little kids prefer taking shiny objects and try to eat them over matte objects.

And this impulse exists for thousands of years. It is connected with the human instinct to search for water. Streams and rivers were always shimmering, so this urge to look for shiny things is a part of our evolution. How curious!

Now let’s follow our instincts and see inspiring and amazing nail designs with gold and glitter.

Every Day Is A Holiday With Gold Glitter Nails

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Let’s start with the basics. How to apply gold glitter so that your mani looks its best? We have a hack.

  • Paint a sponge. Just take a makeup sponge, cut or fold it to any size for your convenience. Apply glitter nail lacquer to this sponge. It will absorb some lacquer, not glitter. As a result, you will get the glitter stuck to the nails instead of goopy and thick layers.
  • Dab on nail lacquer. Are you worried that the glitter you apply will end up everywhere on your finger, not just the nail? Just line the nail with a special tape or polish guard. Now dab the sponge with glitter lacquer either over the whole nail or just a part of it. You may need to repeat dabbing for several times to get the desired glitter density.
  • Do the same with other nails. In case you don’t like how the glitter lies, push it with a toothpick or the sponge when the lacquer is still not dry. Finish with top coat, and you are ready to sparkle!


Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: These nail art ideas with gold nail lacquer and some glitter are so pretty, how do you think? Gold nail lacquer can stand out on its own. But the best part about it is that it can be combined with any other colors because the gold color is considered to be classic. Here you can see how gold and black nail lacquers work together to create the real masterpiece – an ultimately elegant nail design. All these nail designs are easy to recreate.

Trendy Ombre Nail Designs With Gold Glitter

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The nail designs you can see here combine the best things in nail art – glitter nail lacquer and the ombre technique. What can be cooler and trendier? Ombre is ideal for any nail art because the change of tones creates an effect that is truly magnificent and accentuates the beauty of your nails. And with glitter, the cool effect is doubled. In case you wish to try these starry sky acrylic nail designs, we can tell you that they work for any nail shape and any length.



Gold Nails With Stamping

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Stamping is a trend that seems to stick for a while. And we are truly happy about it. Whether you are experienced at the stamping technique or not, you might find these tips quite useful.

Search for quality nail lacquer for stamping. In general, if the lacquer is able to cover a nail with only one coat, it means that it can stamp well. Certain matte lacquers and metallic lacquers work great for stamping.

A stamping image requires cleaning with acetone after and before every time you use it. Thus, all old lacquer bits will be removed, and the image will be crisp.

Some packing tape will come in handy, too. It will clean the stamper fast and not damage it.

In case you lose the scraper that came with the stamper, you can replace it with an old credit card or gift card.


Easy Gold Nail Designs

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Finally, it’s important to mention how to remove glitter nail lacquer because let’s be honest: it is not a super simple task to do. We all have been there, spending so much time to remove it. And that peeling and scraping can result in damaged nail beds, which is truly unfortunate.

Different Colors Nails with Gold Accent

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However, it’s difficult to remove this kind of nail polish for a reason. Glitter nail lacquers are not anything like regular ones. They stick to a cotton pad and also to a nail bed when removing them. So, here is a trick: the removing substance should sit on your nails for some time and thus make the glitter flecks on top loosen. Let the cotton pad soaked in nail lacquer remover sit on your nail wrapped in tin foil for about 2 minutes, remove. Finish with cuticle oil because the remover tends to dry the cuticle.

Nail Designs with Gold Tips

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Elegant Nude And Gold Nail Designs

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When you are looking for something unusual, we suggest you combine two opposite trends. In this case, the combo of nude nail art and glittery accents is undoubtedly a fantastic one. Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you like these gold nails designs with glitter? We think that they can become a part of your go-to nail art ideas collection. Our blog can offer you more inspo.

FAQ: Gold Nails

Are yellow nails in style?

This vivid and bold nail color will quickly elevate your stylish look, and the neon yellow will surely brighten your day. You’ll seem very trendy because the fluorescent trend has remained one of the season’s key hues.

What nail color goes with gold?

A gold engagement ring is classic and timeless, yet it has a yellow tint to it. Warmer nail colors, such as pink or peach, might go well with the yellow undertones of your ring. These colors will contrast with your band’s yellow while still catching the gold’s gleam.