Amber Color Is The New Trends, And You Are Bound To Know All About It

This season brings a lot of trendy colors into the fashion, and it may be pretty challenging to keep up with all the updates. That is why we have come to the conclusion that since the amber color is one of those on edge these days, it is essential that you know everything about it. So that, here you will find all the exciting information about amber shades when it comes to any sphere of your life: hairstyling, clothes, jewelry and a lot more. Read on!


Amber Shade For New Hair Color

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Amber Shade For New Hair Color #amberhair #wavyhairstyle

Amber color hair can differentiate depending on the coloring that you wish to achieve. The thing is that very often amber is really close to red and copper shades that is why it may have some reddish tints to it. However, if adding red to your mane is not your cup of tea you can easily opt for more rusty and autumn-ish hues, and the effect will be just as breath-taking as the one shown here.


Deep Amber Shade For Hair Color

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Deep Amber Shade For Hair Color #deepamber #haircolor

Deep amber color is truly amazing when it comes to hair dying. That is why if you always dreamed about being a natural redhead, but something went wrong – you can always achieve the task on your own by dying your hair deep amber!

Warm Amber Shade For Stylish Hair Color

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Warm Amber Shade For Stylish Hair Color #warmamber #mediumhair

Playing around with light amber is not that easy especially when it comes to your hair, but it is possible. However, there are two things you need to bear in mind – it will involve some bleaching, and you have to stay away from red hues as far as possible to achieve the desired result.


Smokey Eyes Makeup For Amber Eyes

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Smokey Eyes Makeup For Amber Eyes #smokeyeyes #ambereyes

Amber color eyes are quite rare and very unique that is why if you are the lucky owner you are bound to be aware of the eyeshadow that complements your eyes best. The truth is that amber on amber goes well, but there is an accent required, and an amber smokey look will look best when accented with white winged eye.

Burgundy Shadow Color For Amber Eyes

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Burgundy Shadow Color For Amber Eyes #burgundysmokey #ambereyes

Amber and burgundy are two trending shades, and they are incredibly beautiful, either on their own or combined together. When you opt for burgundy eyeshadow, you will add that necessary contrast to bring out the true beauty of your amber eyes.


Purple Shadow For Amber Eyes

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Purple Shadow For Amber Eyes #purplesmokey #ambereyes

Purple is on the edge of popularity these days, but not everyone is lucky to show it off when it comes to eye makeup. However, those with amber eyes are able to pull off the purple eyeshadow look like almost no one else. See for yourself!

Amber Shade For Stylish Outfit

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Amber Shade For Stylish Outfit #outfitidea #amberskirt

Not only amber is great when it comes to hair styling or makeup, but it also has its share when it comes to outfits too. The thing is that amber-shaded accent is always an excellent way to dissolve something that may seem quite dull without it and this look is the best representation of the idea.

Deep Amber Velvet Jumpsuit Design

Source: karli_willis via Instagram
Deep Amber Velvet Jumpsuit Design #velvetjumpsuit

It is a known fact that jumpsuits are incredibly popular during the summertime. However, apart from the design, you are bound to come up with proper shading. A velvet amber jumpsuit takes the idea of fashionable to the entirely new level.


Glam Amber Party Dress

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Glam Amber Party Dress #glamoutfit #cocktaildress

Parties are all about looking glamorous, and that involves some sparkling. But, not all the ladies are equally fond of excessive bling, if you are one of those, then this beautiful dress will surely conquer your heart without breaking the principles.

Amber Glasses Designs For Table Space

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Amber Glasses Designs For Table Space #amberglasses

When there is a significant event ahead, and you are the head of the planning and decoration procedure you need to be aware of recent shading trends. It turns out that amber glassware is on the edge of popularity these days too, that is why adding them to your table décor is more than a great idea.

Amber Shades Bottle Designs

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Amber Shades Bottle Designs #amberglass #bottledesigns

Very often, there is a deep urge to change something in your room interior. However, the means are not allowing you to go full in with redecoration. In times like these try adding few trendy shaded bottles to change the atmosphere. It is a simple trick, but it improves things dramatically.


Amber Colored Jars Designs

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Amber Colored Jars Designs #jardesigns #homedecor

Your kitchen needs to be not only tidy but stylish as well. That is why we suggest you store all of your herbs and teas in trendy-shaded jars; amber ones are simply perfect to carry out the task.

Amber Pendant Design

Source: amber_design_ via Instagram
Amber Pendant Design #pendantdesign

Apart from being a marvelous shade amber is also a quite expensive jewel. That is why if you wish to kill two birds with one stone you will enrich your outlook with the spectacular amber pendant. There is no way your idea will go unnoticed.

Amber Earrings Design

Source: levykina_jewelry via Instagram
Amber Earrings Design #earringsdesign

The thing about amber stones is that they do not make the detail look too vulgar even though if they are of big size. Just one look at these pretty and detailed earrings will prove the point. So gorgeous and so virtuous in their beauty!


Amber Ring Design

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Amber Ring Design #ringdesign #amberstone

When opting for the amber ring, it is essential that you know the difference that framing makes. The thing is that silver makes the amber color stand out more due to the contrast, while gold softens the impression and makes the stone look more gentle and feminine.

FAQ: Amber Color

Is amber a shade of gold?

Amber is a warm color that falls midway between yellow and orange. The color gets its name from tree resin that has been petrified. Baltic amber is the most widely recognized amber today. It possesses the rich golden yellow color we call amber.

Why is amber not yellow?

Technically, amber and yellow are different colors. Yellow is a CMYK primary color (0,0,100,0), but amber has a hint of magenta (0,25,100,0). Yellow is color 30 on the color wheel, while amber is 45.

Why is amber so expensive?

Inclusions, shape, smoothness, transparency, color rarity and the reputation of the locality are all elements that increase the value of an amber specimen. A well-preserved inclusion in the amber can fetch up to $35 per carat or even more.