Beautiful Yellow Flowers To Bring You The Spring Mood

Do you like yellow flowers? We think that everyone does. And there`s nothing strange about it. After a cold, gloomy winter, we dream about more sunlight that will give us energy and refresh us for the whole year ahead. We associate yellow with the Sun and that`s why more and more often we make the choice in favor of such color.


We believe that surrounding ourselves with spring flowers is the key to having the best mood possible. So, don`t hesitate and pick some for yourself. A smile will for sure appear on your face every time you set your attention on them.

Beautiful flowers with a yellow tint in them are necessary for those who crave vitamin D. No, unfortunately, you won`t get it from yellow-colored flowers, but at least your soul will be filled with brightness and warmth.

Yellow Marigold Flower

If you are looking for some fresh and beautiful small yellow flowers to grow in your garden – marigold may be it. The fact is that the flower is very popular but rarely used in the bouquets. The thing in this in most cultures marigold is the flower with a negative meaning to it. It is said to represent grief, death, and jealousy. However, if you take Indian culture – they consider marigold to be a positively-tuned flower and use it in their wedding garlands. So, it is up to you which meaning to grant marigolds grown in your garden.

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There are many types of yellow flowers that come in different colors too. Freesia belongs to the category of multi-shaded flowers. What is more, it is one of those flowers that smell like heaven. The meaning that the flower is entitled to be more than positive. The flowers symbolize trust, friendship, and innocence. That is why so many couples add these flowers to their wedding ceremonies. What is more, freesia is the official flower of the seventh wedding anniversary. Introducing yellow or any other color of freesia into your garden is a nice choice.


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Among all the yellow flowers names, coreopsis is surely a unique and unusual one. However, despite its complex name, the meaning that the flower carries is quite simple. It is a flower of joy and happiness. It is not extraordinary looking, but it can bring in brightness into even the darkest room not to mention mood. That is why coreopsis is often given to people in grief or people who are ill. This explains why there are so many coreopsis bouquets in hospitals. If you have a friend who is feeling down – bring a coreopsis bouquet in and observe the mood lighten up!


Golden Columbine

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There are many beautiful yellow flowers images, and Golden columbine surely belongs to the category. Even though the flower is extremely beautiful, it usually grows in the wild and is easy to afford. Adding this flower to the bouquet will make it look rich and bright. However, some time ago, it was believed that presenting a woman with a golden columbine bouquet is a sign of bad luck. On the other hand, some sources say that these flowers represent the innocence of Virgin Marry and the seven gifts granted to her by the Holy Spirit. No matter which meaning you choose to believe, it is safe to say that the flower is extraordinary!

Yellow Orchids

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Another yellow flower on our list is Yellow Orchid. Orchids are highly popular plants these days, but not everyone knows how to look after them properly. That is why if you decide to give an orchid as a gift to someone, make sure that they know how to treat it so that it does not wither away in a few weeks.

Yellow orchids are pretty unusual when it comes to the orchid family, and that is not the only thing that makes them so special. The thing is that is you consider the meaning of the yellow orchid you will understand why they are often used in such ceremonies as weddings. The fact is that yellow orchid is the flower of loyalty and fertility. You should keep that in mind too when using them as a present.


Yellow Peonies

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When you look at some flowers image, it is hard to believe that it is a real flower. The thing is that usually, peonies come in red, pink, and white shades which makes yellow peonies stand out tremendously. Aside from unusual coloring, peonies are very popular flowers since they are easy to grow, and the bouquets with them involved look fabulous. Besides, when it comes to the meaning of yellow peonies, they symbolize wealth, happiness, and luck. When you are about to choose another bouquet as a gift – think yellow peonies, and you will surely come up with a bouquet to remember!

Iris Flower

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Did you know that Iris flower was named after the goddess of the rainbow? In case you didn’t – now you do! There are countless types of Iris flowers; they come in all shades and hues; the yellow iris itself has about a hundred varieties to it. As for these yellow flowers meaning, yellow iris symbolizes passion and deep feelings. So, if you are looking for the perfect flowers to carry out the mission of stating your feelings towards someone – yellow iris would be the type of flower to pay attention in the first place.

Yellow Hibiscus

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It may think that you know all the types of the yellow flower by now, but that is clearly not true. Have you heard about yellow hibiscus? There you go! This is the type of flower that is usually associated with Hawaii. It means that the flower carries out that exotic meaning and symbolism that some of you may have been looking for a while. Besides, this flower stands for friendship and platonic feelings too. If you have a close friend to present your devotion to – use yellow hibiscus to intensify the vibe.



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These unusual little yellow flowers are known as Craspedia also go under the name of billy button too. If you are just a beginner into gardening, then Craspedia is the flower you need to plant in your garden that is for sure. The fact is that the flower can grow almost in any soil, does not need watering and blooms all year long. What is more, once you put it in a vase it will remain unchanged for the longest time possible.

Yellow Primrose

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There are so many flower types and so many meanings to be aware of. What if you just need a flower that will help you explain your feelings towards the one you are in love with? Well, then, we suggest you pay attention to yellow primrose in the first place. The fact is that the main meaning that the flower is entitled with is – I can’t live without you! There is no better way to scream about your feeling than with the primrose bouquet. Besides, the lettuce-like shape makes the flower look over the edge lovely and beautiful!

Yellow Carnation

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Whether you like it or not, but some gorgeous yellow garden flowers have a super negative meaning to them. Unfortunately, something as beautiful as yellow carnation belongs to the category. The thing is that despite the vibrancy and aromatic scent, the flowers are meant to symbolize rejection and disappointment. This means that while you can still grow them in your garden, it is best not to use them as a gift bouquet. People who know well all flower meanings may consider such a present rather a threat.


Yellow Hydrangea

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Those of you who wish to express your gratitude with the help of yellow plants, we suggest you pay attention to yellow hydrangea. It should be emphasized that this flower is native to North America, but it can grow in a pot almost anywhere. That is why you can either express your gratitude with the help of a hydrangea bouquet or a potted version of it to extend its life. No matter the option you choose, the lucky owner will be able to observe the beauty of hydrangea for a while.


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Strelitzia is a quite unusual and hard to memorize name, so the flower has another name entitled to it too – the bird of paradise. If you wonder why such a strange name was chosen, all you need to do is to have a closer look at the flower. The thing is that the shape the flower blooms with resembles the bird of paradise. Such an unusual shape and the variety of bright colors that the flower comes with makes it one of the most favorited designer flowers all over the globe.

Calla Lilies

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When you hear the name calla lily, you imagine some sort of a lily, but the assumption is wrong. Calla lily has nothing to do with lily flowers. It belongs to the Araceae family instead. The lily blooms on a thick stem and can be a perfect addition to both unique bouquets as well as home gardens. The unusual shape of the flower, which resembles trumpet shaped rolled paper makes it look exotic and beautiful.


Compass Flower

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If you are interested in some tall yellow flowers with medical use to them, then compass flower should be on your list. The thing is that according to the legend, the flower got its name because God was pointing the right way to lost travelers through it. No one knows whether the legend is true, but one thing remains, compass flower is not only nice to look at but also useful when it comes to treating glandular enlargements and rheumatism. So if you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions or you just like the flower, do not hesitate to introduce it into your garden!

Stella d’ Oro Daylily

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This golden yellow flower with a royal-sounding name to it - Stella de Oro Daylily can be called a star of gold too. Once you have a closer look at, you will understand why it is named that way. It is beautiful and attracts attention, whether you like it or not. You can either grow it in your home garden and enjoy its beauty or add it to bouquets.

More Narcissuses For A Spring Mood

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There are so many types of yellow flowers but, in our opinion, narcissuses are one of the most beautiful ones in the list. Don`t you think? Such a petite flower, with a thin stem and neat petals, it seems so special. A beautifully formed flower of a narcissus will remind you about the beginning of the most beautiful time of the year as they appear one of the earliest on the market. Don`t miss the chance to fill your beginning of spring with a bright warm yellow color. The best thing is that narcissuses can be so different. Petals can be white, light or bright yellow as well as the center of the flower that can be of different colors and shades. Pick the ones that your eyes desire the most and we promise you that your mood will get better after just a single glance at these gorgeous buds.


Gorgeous Rose - Queen Of Flowers

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There is a great popularity of red roses all around the world. People consider them to be the flowers of love, but why don`t you take yellow-colored ones and make them the flowers of happiness? Roses are so beautiful in any form and color, but yellow ones will make you smile wider for sure. A bud of curved fragile petals will look so beautiful in a color that reminds a day full of sunlight, so don`t hesitate and pick these ones for yourself.

Tulip – One Of The Best Spring Flowers

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Tulips are considered to be the flowers of spring and we don`t find this fact strange at all. They appear at the beginning of such a beautiful season and give a breath of warmth and color to our exhausted from winter souls. We think that tulips are a great symbol of warmth. Especially yellow ones that bring so much color to our lives. So, don`t forget to treat yourself with some tulip yellow flowers that will give you a great sign of starting a new page of your life filled with new memories and more energy.

Funny Sunflowers For A Nice Day

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Among all yellow flowers images and names, a sunflower is definitely standing out. Why? Just the part of the word with “Sun” gives us a true idea of what this flower will bring us. The Sun always gives us warmth, happiness, energy, and peace, so add the word “flower” to this word and the result wouldn`t change at all. Such a juicy yellow color will fill your life with joy and love.


Mimosa Yellow Flowers To Feel Harmony

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If you are looking through yellow flowers bouquet images, you may notice a kind of flower that doesn`t look like any other. Yellow mimosa flowers are definitely special. More and more people choose them to become part of their holiday decorations or just for the part of their home décor. We know the reason why. Such a bloom full of little flowers gives a delicate appearance to the whole composition around it. Everything seems so beautiful and fragile as if it could be broken easily. No wonder this flower is called a sensible one.

Beautiful Flowers Of Dahlia

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In the catalog of yellow flowers images, this amazing flower seems so surreal. You may not believe it really exists at first but then you just start appreciating it as a great miracle. Beautiful flowers of Dahlia are really one of a kind. They can be of different shapes and sizes with different types of petals. So, when you will have them on your table, just look at them and notice how much they look like a painting that has come to life.

Black Eyed Susan: Beauty Is In Simplicity

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There are so many types of yellow flowers that we have already told you about. There is a simple Black Eyed Susan flower that is still on the list. With its purity, brightness and color, it reminds of a sunflower so much. However, the petals are longer, thinner and are set wider. Small and beautiful, they will cheer you up at once.


Lovely Ranunculus For The Sweetest Bouquets

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In our opinion, yellow ranunculus flowers are really special and will suit your idea to show your loved ones how special they are to you easily. Of an amazing round shape, they look so great with their slightly imperfect wavy petals that form the flower. Yellow-colored ones will bring a great mood to the person you give them to, so just pick them up and spread your love with their help.

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FAQ: Yellow Flowers

Do yellow flowers mean death?

Yellow flowers can carry a strong message of death in some parts on the world like South and Central America. You can often see graves there decorated with yellow marigolds. Especially on Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico, yellow flowers are left on burial sites so the ghosts can easily find their graves.

Do yellow flowers mean cheating?

Yellow roses universally known to represent friendship. However, earlier they were considered to be a symbol of infidelity. There was a scene in many novels or old movies where a man presented a woman a yellow rose as a sign that he wats to leave her. So this type of flowers is sometimes associated with of betrayal and separation.