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Cute Mouse Nail Art

Source: narmai via Instagram

Cute Mouse Nail Art #sparklynails #fallnails

You may be surprised, but fall nails are extremely fun and versatile. For example, if you are not a fan of turkeys you can easily create a holiday nail art with the help of fallen leaves and a cute mouse depicted on.

Fall Fox Nails

Source: la_manisera via Instagram

Fall Fox Nails #mattenails #handpaintednails #fallnails

Fall leaves go well with foxes, did you know that? One look at this exquisite manicure and you will get what we have in mind. Besides, you do not have too bright with the base; just mere matte brown one will deal with the task easily.

Cartoon Mice Pilgrims

Source: home_of_deva via Instagram

Cartoon Mice Pilgrims #fallnails #rhinestonesnails

Do not be afraid to be creative when it comes to the manicure creation. You are not bound to look like everyone else that is why when everyone else is opting for turkeys – you can add some mice images to your holiday design.

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