Banana is a fruit that is available all through the year at very low cost and this is the main reason most of us prefer consuming this fruit. But, this fruit is very nutritious and it is associated with array of benefits. All types of nutrition, protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals are obtained from bananas. The impressive health benefits of bananas are explained here that will make you understand why you should not take this fruit that casually.


1. Energy booster

High amount of calorie in banana helps it work as an amazing energy booster, which is among the main bananas health benefits. Your body will get 116 calorie from each 100gm banana. Also A study has proved that bananas are better source of energy than that of expensive sports drinks. 2 bananas are enough to supply calorie for long 1 hour workout. Even people can opt for bananas to cut down the tiredness rather than reaching for coffee.


2. Reduce constipation

Health benefits of bananas are many and one of the most important of that is, it can completely cure constipation if you start having banana on regular basis. Well ripened bananas contain a fibre in them that maintains and improves the bowel function by enhancing the movement of waste through bowel.

3. Improve heart health

Vegetarian recipes that include bananas can improve your heart health. Potassium rich foods are advised for older women as it works to reduce the chance of stroke and Banana carries high amount of potassium so it can definitely work to keep you safe. Also rich amount of potassium in banana improves body functioning and enhances the oxygen circulation all over the body, thus your body can maintain a regular heart beat along with lowering the blood pressure level.


4. Have effects on mood

Many of you might be surprised to hear that banana is able to make you happy and most probably this is the most powerful health benefits of bananas. This fruit contains small amount of tryptophan which is when combined with Vitamin B6 present in banana triggers the release of serotonin, a hormone that relaxes your body, mind and makes you feel good.

5. A good hangover remedy

Another strong benefit of consuming banana is that it works as a hangover remedy. If you prefer using natural way to reduce the effects of hangover, banana is an ideal option for that. There is huge amount of vitamin in this fruit that brings the sugar level normal along with calming down the stomach. So, consider having banana with yoghurt to get back to the normal condition.


6. Reduce premenstrual pain

Bananas health benefits are countless as it is rich in all type of vitamins, protein, minerals and all other needed nutrition by our body. This fruit contains high amount of vitamin B6 in it that works to reduce the menstrual pain according to a research in National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements. So, if you are suffering from this issue, stop having pain killer and replace it with banana that will naturally reduce the premenstrual pain.

7. Good for pregnant women

Already discussed that vitamin B6 is one of the most important ingredients in banana that contributes to many health benefits and this rich amount of vitamin B6 is again helpful for pregnant women due to its calming properties. Pregnant women are advised to have bananas to cut down their morning sickness during early pregnancy time.

Impressive and Powerful Health Benefits of Bananas

8. Help in weight loss

Are you in a diet to lose weight? Banana can be a good addition to that diet chart as this fruit is perfectly able to help you in your weight loss process. It contains soluble fibre that slows down the digestion process a bit and thus making you feel full for longer time. As a result, the desire to overeat is completely reduced and you can successfully reduce weight in less time. You can have a banana before lunch to accelerate your weight loss process.


9. Improve eye health

Banana has a lot to do with your eyes health as well. It contains some amount of vitamin A in it that has alpha carotene and beta carotene as compounds. These compounds bring enough light to cornea along with preserving the membranes surrounding the eyes area. Also vitamin A is known to protect the normal vision so bananas can do a great job to maintain your eyes health. Men require 900 microgram whereas women require 700 microgram vitamin A on regular basis and a 6 inch banana can supply 10 microgram vitamin A in your body.

10. Soothe ulcers

The list of bananas health benefits is actually endless and you will find that every body part of human being is somehow benefitted from banana. This cheap but one of the powerful fruits can prevent ulcers in the stomach. Any kind of irritation in digestive system is eliminated by banana as it produces a protective coating in the inner walls thus promoting intestinal health.

Impressive and Powerful Health Benefits of Bananas

11. Promote bone health

High amount of potassium present in banana works to promote the bone health as well. Yes, it can strengthen bones thus making you stronger enough. Your body will get 88 mg potassium from each 100 gm banana. So, try consuming at least one or two banana everyday to stay fit and healthy.

Powerful Health Benefits of Bananas for You

The most useful health benefits of banana are explained here. Also there are many in the list. So, don’t think banana as a normal fruit rather take it seriously as it has a lot to offers to our body. This is no doubt a delicious fruit that most of us consume in a very casual way but hope your perception about banana will be changed a lot after going through this article. So reach for banana everyday if you want to stay healthy by keeping away all the diseases.