Fake Friends: Ways To Recognize Them And Get Rid Of Them

All of us have our close and beloved friends. However, how many of you have ever thought that there may be fake friends among them? Of course, it is not mandatory that any of them must be, yet it is always best to be safe than sorry. Taking into consideration the world we live in today, we decided to brood upon the subject of fake friends and how to recognize them. You are welcome to join our survey!


Real Friends Vs. Fake Friends

Real Friends Vs. Fake Friends #relationship #friends

Very often, people start with a question - what is a fake friend? However, when you think about it for a while, it becomes obvious enough that there is no one-for-all definition for a fake friend notion. There is nothing wrong with it since whether good or bad all people are different. Yet, there must be something that sets you off about certain people. If you think that a true friend can be measured by the time you have known each other or by how much time you spend together – that is a false approach.

You need to judge by the behavior of a person you are interested in or unsure about. To begin with, good people are good for everyone; they do not need someone to earn their friendship.

It needs to be mentioned that real friends are the ones that stick up to you even at your worst. There are different life situations that may result in you losing a lot or getting injured to the point when you can barely take care of yourself. Those who get through these situations with you are the friends you should value.


Signs Of Fake Friends

Signs Of Fake Friends #relationship #friends

Now, when we figured the general way of distinguishing between fake and real friends. It is time to discuss some obvious signs of a fake friend.

Conditional friendship

Very often, we do not think enough about the conditions of our friendship. Well, the fact is that there should be none. If your friendship is based on any conditions that is not a true friendship we are talking about here, keep it in mind.

Different types of behavior

Fake friends are most likely to act differently when they are around you as well as when you are around other people. In case it seems like your friend is ashamed of you, you shouldn’t stick up to the friendship like that.

Speaks poorly of you

People who care for each other are friends. That is why if your so-called friends talk bad about you behind your back you should better re-consider your friendship.


It is only natural to come to a point when your views and opinions separate. However, a true friend will try to accept your point while a fake friend will simply stop talking to you, after even a minor disagreement.

Ditch you

Fake friends are most likely to ditch you the minute something more interesting comes up, even if you have made your plans beforehand. If something like that happens between you are your friend on a regular basis, you should better review your friendship.


In case you notice that your ‘best’ friend hangs out with you because you have something they need, that is one of the biggest signs of a fake friend. Once you do not give them what they need and they will be long gone, whether you like it or not.

You can’t say ‘no.’

Compromises are often the most essential part of any type of relationship and friendship is surely not an exception. However, if there is not a single chance that your friend compromises with you – then that is not a real friend after all.

Achieving goals

All of us have goals, and in order to achieve them very often, we need friendly advice and support. However, fake friends are not interested in helping you out when you need it, since achieving your goal will make you happier and they are not interested in such an outcome at all.

They bring you down

No good friend will insult you on purpose not to mention on a daily basis; only fake friends can do such a thing. Besides, fake friends have a tendency to bring all their negativity on you without giving anything else in return.

Do not listen to you

It is obvious enough, but people who care for you – listen to you. Those who are centered around themselves in any relationship are not sincere and surely can’t be considered true friends.

They dismiss your needs

For those who are not your real friends, all your needs are secondary and unimportant since all that matters to them are their needs and no one else’s.

You are not accepted for who you are

Real friends accept you for who you are and for how you look like in a certain situation. Those who easily get embarrassed with anything that you may do are usually fake friends, and you should better keep away from them.

Who Are Your Real Friends?

Who Are Your Real Friends? #relationship #friends

Now, when you know who a fake person is, it is time to figure out who are your real friends. Let’s have a closer look!

They are at your side

When you are thinking of your friend who is real, think about all the bad times you have been through. Those who stick up to you no matter good or bad times are your true friends.

They wish you happiness

All your achievements are appreciated by those who care for you. Real friends will never envy you or belittle your success, keep that in mind.

They forgive and forget

True friends do not tend to bear grudges. Even when there is some misunderstanding or disagreement between you, you can easily solve it by apologizing, and true friends are willing to accept it and move on.

They respect your opinion

Opinions differ, and there is nothing unusual about it. However, while fake friends will never accept a different point of view, real ones respect your opinion.

They listen

Of course, real friends engage in meaningful conversations, and they listen when you have something to say, there is no other way for true friends.

They connect with you

There shouldn’t be times when you feel like you are the only one who makes some effort to connect. Such an initiative comes both ways if it is a true friend we are talking about.

They are loyal

Friends who tend to gossip behind your back should be crossed out of your life once and for all. The truth is that real friends are loyal and trustworthy.

They do not judge

Different situations happen in life, however, no matter what, your true friend will be at your side, and there will be no judging coming from him or her.

They are fun

Last but not least, it needs to be pointed out that true friends are the ones you feel good being around.


Can A Fake Friend Become A Real Friend?

Can A Fake Friend Become A Real Friend? #relationship #friends

What is the difference between fake best friends and real fake friends? It depends upon every person since all of us act differently when put in the same situation. In case you wonder whether it is possible that a fake friend becomes a real one – it is. There is nothing strange about it. People tend to change under various circumstances, and even a foe can become your friend. However, if you are looking for the best way how to deal with fake friends until they evolve to be real ones – you should better distance yourself from people like that.

How To Make Real Friends

How To Make Real Friends #relationship #friends

If you are tired of fake friends, it is time you learn how to change things. We are going to share with you a few pieces of advice which may help you determine how to make real friends.


To begin with, you need to define it for yourself what a real friend means for you. How such a friend should look like, how he or she should behave. Once you are done with that – you can start your search.

Ask questions

When you meet a person that may seem like a good friend material, you need to pay particular attention to anything that he or she says about other people. The fact is, that if such a person gossips about other people – he or she will do the same when it comes to you.

Visit different places

Staying and home and waiting for a best friend to appear at your doorstep is surely not an option. That is why you need to go places where you think people like you tend to hang out.

Initiate an outing

The best way to find out something new about the person is to do something together. When you share a meaningful conversation, lots of essential things can be found out.

Never give up

Keep it in mind that true friends come with time. That is why you shouldn’t be pushing things forward, let them naturally evolve.

Whether we like it or not but there are so many fake friends around us, that offer their friendship on uneven conditions. It is best if you figure out how such people look like as well as behave and then distance yourself from them!


FAQ: Fake Friends

How do you deal with fake friends?

  1. Monitor a false friend’s actions on a regular basis.
  2. Examine whether his/her actions have recently made you feel more uneasy or agitated.
  3. Friendships ebb and flow over time. It’s possible that a fake friend will evolve over time.
  4. Set boundaries in terms of time and emotional space.
  5. Have realistic expectations for the actions of a fake friend.

How do you avoid fake friends?

True friends will accept you, whereas fake friends may condemn you. True friends will notice how you dress and what you’re interested in. Consider whether you feel at ease being yourself around your pals. If that’s the case, they’re most likely your true pals.

Are my friends toxic or am I?

You’re probably a toxic friend if you gossip behind your friend’s back and reveal information that should be kept private. Gossiping can make you feel at ease with others, but in fact it destructively affects you and everyone else. So, don’t say anything at all if you can’t say something good.