Do you know that certain yoga poses are a great way to get rid of headache? We all suffer from headaches from time to time. Whether they are mild or severe, headaches can ruin your day. But it is not always wise to run to the medicine cabinet to treat a headache.


Headaches can drain all of your energy and make it difficult to focus on the task at hand. They can also cause additional strain and/or pressure on areas such as the neck, shoulders and the back, not to mention your eyes. You can even become more sensitive to noise and light. All you want to do is have some medication, crawl into your bed and sleep until you feel better. However, simply taking your yoga mat for some simple stretches can greatly help ease your pain.

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Yoga help get rid of headaches

Headaches are caused by many things, from stress to hormones to lack of sleep or improper diet, so mind what to eat and how to live your life in general. More active people are less subject to headaches.

Also, to prevent a headache, eat food containing the proper vitamins and nutrition, for example, weight loss smoothies, salads that contain fruits and vegetables, nuts, dairy and fish.

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How does Yoga help get rid of headaches?

Yoga is beneficial for so many reasons; for example, it is one of the best ways of how to get rid of headache without medication. Yoga helps increase your blood circulation and ease your mind, thus helping to reduce pressure and tension. Yoga stretches and relaxes muscles in your shoulders, back and neck which can increase oxygen levels in your brain and thus help ease a headache.

Yoga is also a great way to slow your pace and relax, which greatly eases anxiety and tension. It is a great way to ensure that you are getting the proper amounts of blood and oxygen to your brain. The following yoga poses will help you redirect the flow of oxygen and blood to your brain which can help ease the pressure of a headache.


8 Yoga Positions to Help Get Rid of Headache Naturally

1. Ananda Balasana

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Ananda Balasana Pose for Headachese

If your headache is accompanied by back pain, the Ananda Balasana, or Happy Baby Pose is a great way to help ease both the pain in your spine and your brain.


2. Ardha Pincha Mayurasana

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Dolphin Pose is a Great way to Ease a Headache

The Ardha Pincha Mayurasana, or Dolphin Pose, is a great way to ease a headache that also causes the neck and back pain. It is a great way to stretch the back and neck as well as to get the blood flowing to your brain. It gives you an added burst of oxygen which can give you some energy and ease your headache and tension.

3. Padangusthasana

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Padangusthasana Help You Get Rid of a Headache

This yoga pose is one of the most basic poses and can help you get rid of a headache almost instantly. It’s a very easy move which only requires you to bend forward, touching your big toes with your hands. This will allow your blood to rush down to your head which will help both circulation and oxygen flow.


4. Paschimottanasana

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Paschimottanasana Relaxes Both Your Body and Your Mind

This simple yoga pose is a seated forward bend that will not only ease your headache but also help greatly reduce stress. It relaxes both your body and your mind.

5. Prasarita Padottanasana

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Prasarita Padottanasana Will Benefit Your Neck

Similar to the Padangusthasana, the Prasarita Padottanasana will benefit your neck, shoulders, back and head as your blood will flow quickly to your head and almost instantly relieve your pain.

6. Shavasana

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Shavasana is a great way to reduce a headache

The Shavasana is a great way to reduce a headache as well as give you a quick burst of energy. It is not only a great way to get rid of headache, but it can also help to ease other muscle aches.


7. Supta Virasana

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Supta Virasana Help You to Relax

If your headache is stress-related, the Supta Virasana pose can help ease the tension in your shoulders and back. This yoga pose will help you to relax and will very quickly relieve your headache.

8. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani yoga pose will instantly fill you with a sense of peace

The Viparita Karani yoga pose will instantly fill you with a sense of peace and calmness in your mind, body, and soul. You simply need a sturdy wall and your yoga mat. In a matter of seconds, your tension will disappear, as well as your headache.

If you are inexperienced at yoga, you should practice these poses before you actually have a headache to ensure that you are doing them properly. You can find plenty of diagrams and how to videos on sites like YouTube to demonstrate each pose. You can also find free or low-cost yoga classes locally. Yoga is beneficial for so many reasons, including its ability to relieve a headache and tension.

Remember to find a place that is quiet and where you will not be interrupted. Turn off your cell phone and omit any other distraction. You can choose to light a candle or put on soft music, if you feel that it will be beneficial and not distracting. Make sure to have a pillow or yoga mat appropriate for the guidelines of each position. And always stretch properly before starting. Most importantly, don’t forget to breathe!

Yoga is a great way to cure a headache without the use of medication. It heals the root of the problem. Also, if you make it a habit to practice yoga on a regular basis, you might no longer experience headaches! So why not try these simple yoga poses to cure and prevent headaches!