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Short Nails with a Nude Glitter Design

Source: tonysnail via Instagram

Short Nails With A Nude Glitter Design #shortnails #glitternails

For women with very active lifestyles one should consider this nail design for short nails. Just because you don’t desire to have long claws or flashy artwork applied doesn’t mean that your nail design can’t be just as beautiful as some of the more elaborate designs. These nude glitter nails are versatile and will fit almost any outfit you choose to wear. The varying glitter and solid ombre on the nails keeps the design interesting as well as beautiful.

Long Nails With A Nude Brown Color

Source: nails__volkova via Instagram

Long Nails With A Nude Brown Color #simplenaildesign #nudebrownnails

If you’re in search of a neutral color for your long nails, then pick these nude color nails. While they may be a little on the sharper side, these nails still fall into the shape category of almond nails. This is one of the most popular designs and length for nails. Although there are some cases in which you will see much longer nails, this does happen to be the most popular length when it pertains to long nails.

White Matte Nails With Flowers

Source: kolosova_natalia via Instagram

White Matte Nails With Flowers #patternednails #mattenails

This happens to be one of our favorite nude nail designs. The milky matte color is a uniquely interesting feature that looks absolutely stunning. This particular design may be great for a wedding due to the flower design that has been incorporated into the artwork. The other fingers have slight embellishments as well, which adds to the beauty of the nail design. The matte nails design has become increasingly popular, almost pushing the high gloss look completely out of circulation.

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