Inspiring Long Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Pick a Long Bob Hairstyle to Your Taste

A long bob, playing nice with practically any face shape, is a great option for a woman who is tired of wearing her hair long, yet, is reluctant to get it chopped off too short. This cut is extremely elegant, and its length is just ideal – it grazes shoulders.


Plus, a lob allows for many styling options. For example, you can straighten your tresses to appear sophisticated, or wave them for a very feminine flair, or curl them for a somewhat carefree, playful vibe. And of course, there’s always a place for experimenting with color when it concerns the lob.

Who can rock a lob? Any woman who does not have much free time in the morning like a working woman, or a mom, or a college student.

As you can see, a lob is a cut worth trying. So, let’s pick a look for you.

A-line Long Bob Hairstyle

A-line bobs are timeless and chic. An a-line bob haircut is still trendy today and this traditional look seems here to stay. Now if you are wondering what is the difference between an A-line bob vs inverted bob, we can certainly clear that up for you. An A-line bob is a hairstyle that is shorter in the back and gradually longer in the front. A classic A-line bob does is one that is generally not stacked or has layers. As well, it generally will have face-framing layers that curl gracefully under the chin. An inverted or “graduated” bob is stacked in the back to give it more body and fullness so the back is most often drastically shorter than the front.

A-line bobs are a great way to add volume to thinner tresses or even out thicker hair. And you can also play around with color to give your hair a daring and fun vibe. The A-line bobs pictured below are perfect for those with long, straight hair who are looking for a shorter style that still has length and texture!

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Inverted Long bob Haircut

An inverted bob is a great look for those who want to add fullness to their hair. The stacked layers in the back will add a tone of volume and texture to your hair. A graduated, or inverted bob, is similar to a classic A-line bob expect it has stacked layers and is much generally shorter in the back and a lot longer in the front.

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Bob hairstyles are always in style and following are some of the hottest looks for inverted bobs:

    • A long inverted bob with layers is a great look for those with long wavy tresses.
    • A wavy long bob is a great way to remove extra weight from your curls and give them extra bounce!
    • A medium inverted bob is the best look for those who want to trim their tresses but aren't quite ready to go super short. A shoulder length curly stacked bob can work wonders for long curly hair that is need of a trim!

Check out our favorite inverted lobs above and find the one that screams your name!


Wedge Long Bob Haircuts

Wedge haircuts 2018 are a huge hit on the fashion scene. What exactly is a wedge haircut? Olympic figure skater, Dorothy Hamill made this style popular in the 1970s. A wedge cut has a strong weight light with shallow angled layers underneath, thus creating a lot of moment.

Wedge haircuts are very easy to style. Simply apply volumizing mousse to dampened hair and blow dry with your head upside down at the nape of neck. Then flip your head and style as desired.

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Check out these trendy medium length wedge haircuts for inspiration. As you can see, a wedge cut looks stunning with pretty balayage tones or even a blonde ombre fade. If you want a lob with a bit of a modern edge, a wedge haircut could be right up your alley!


Side Bang Long Bob Hairstyle

A long bob with long bangs is always a great style for those who are looking for new look. Whether you have long waves or naturally straight tresses. A long bob with side bangs and layers that grazes the shoulders is a look that will draw all eyes to you. Side bangs are very sensual if you are going for a fun and flirty vibe. And what better way to make recapture your youth than a messy lob with side swept bangs?

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If you are looking for simple styles with side bangs, look no further. The styles shown here are some of the most popular lobs with side bangs that trending right now.


Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

If you have straight hair, a blunt bob is one of the most flattering ways to show off your sleek and shiny long bob. If you are wondering how to style a lob for straight hair, it is very simple. All you need to is apply a thermal product to your hair to protect it from heat damage and blow dry straight with a round brush. Then, finish it off with a flat iron for that refined polished look.

If you are thinking of a getting a straight long bob, take a look at the ones shown below. These sexy straight lobs are gorgeous, especially with the gorgeous blonde highlights and balayage hues.

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Wavy Long Bob Hair Ideas

If you have wavy hair, you know that the longer it gets, the harder it can become to mange. As well, you waves tend to lose a lot of their luster and bounce. A wavy long bob is a great way to add life to your curly or wavy locks.

And there are a ton of lob styling ideas for wavy hair. One of the simplest ways to style your wavy long bob is so spray your hair with a generous amount sea salt spray, gently touched your waves with your fingers and go! The result will be sexy beach waves that look soft and feminine!

Check out the pretty long bobs for wavy locks shown here. The soft, feminine waves are so girly and chic and you will never feel out of place with this trendy hairstyle!

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Think you’re ready to sport a long bob? A lob is a great way to free up your hair for a shorter summer do. And remember, with long bob hairstyles, you can still wear your hair in an updo!so what are you waiting for? Call your stylist today and get ready for a sexy new look for 2018!