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Newest Jeans Designs For Women

Source: rachparcell via Instagram, champagneandchanel via Instagram, lucyswhims via Instagram
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  • Jeans with a high rise. A woman whose waist is narrow can definitely rock such jeans. The high rise is also great for you in case you are mature and opt for a smoother and leaner fit. Who can’t sport the high rise? The high rise can elongate the long torso and thus create even more disproportion. Also, don’t go for it if your waist is straight rather than narrow.
  • Jeans with a mid rise. If your legs have no flaws, then the mid rise can work for you. Top heavy ladies can totally sport the mid rise, too. But if your thighs and legs are curvy and short, it is advisable to stay away from this rise.
  • Jeans with a low rise. You can go for the low rise in case your body is slim and has no heavy parts. And to the contrary, never opt for an item with the low rise if your body is curvy or you have a thick belly.
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