What color is a hazel eye? People consider hazel eyes to be a weird shade of green eyes or another version of brown eyes. While in fact, everything is quite different. Hazel shades are the combination of many colors and it matters greatly which hues you pick to make a particular shade stand out. That is something we are going to talk about today. Are you ready to learn something new about that outstanding eyeshade of yours?


Top Ideas Of The Smokey Makeup

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When it comes to makeup for hazel eyes, you start to understand that there are so many options to choose from that it is pretty easy to get lost. Yet, you should know that copper shades can bring out the green in your eyes, while pink hues best bring amber shades in your eyes.


Festive Ideas For Hazel Eyes Makeup

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Festive hazel eyes makeup is of course about the sparkles, there is no surprise here, but there is something to confess. The thing is that sparkles have not looked as good on any eyes as they do on hazel-shaded ones. See for yourself!

Step By Step Makeup Tutorials

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What about hazel eyes makeup tutorial, you may wonder? We couldn’t leave that area undiscovered, for sure. Just pick a shade for today and we will make sure that you will succeed following these easy steps!


How To Do Makeup For Hazel Eyes Color

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Now, when you know which hues complement your beautiful eyes most, you must be aware of how to put them on correctly. We have gathered the most popular combinations for you to choose from. Whether smokey or cat eye makeup is your favorite, we have it covered!

Newest Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes

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Adding glitter or bright colors to your eyes is a definite way to make them stand out. Sparkly eyeshadows would do just that.


Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes With Colorful Eyeliner

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Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your hazel eyes. You can do it by going for bright and colorful eyeshadows, of course. But if you think that it is a bit too much for you and you will not be able to pull it off, then you can get away with a colorful eyeliner. Feel free to play around with different, even the most flamboyant shades. They will not only look flattering for your eye color but also bring out hidden undertones in it.

FAQ: Hazel Eyes

Why do hazel eyes turn green?

Hazel is a mixture of green and brown, sometimes with gold, red spots. Hazel-colored eyes appear to change color depending on the environment: the lighting or the colors a person is wearing, making them golden-dark green or a light brown. Hazel eyes contain moderate amount of melanin in the iris which enables them to change colors.

Are hazel eyes more sensitive to light?

Eyes that are light-colored have less melanin therefore they are less protected from harmful UV rays, the lighter your eyes are, the more light-sensitive they appear to be. Which makes people with light hazel or blue eyes are more light-sensitive.