Best Combination of Eyeshadow for All Eye Colors

It`s a fact that eye colors make each of us special. If we all had the same color of the eyes, would it be so interesting? Through the eyes, we can see people`s souls. So, it`s our great duty to enhance and bring out the beauty of them, don`t you think? We all got used to brown smoky eye very quickly, forgetting that in our modern world there is so much more than that. Colors are what makes us all different and bright.


That is why we should always keep in mind what colorful eye makeup combinations flatter the color of our beautiful eyes. Let`s figure them out together. These colors of eyeshadow with the color of your eyes will make people forget what they wanted to say as soon as they look at you.

Top Eyeshadow Colors For Blue Eyes

Haven`t you noticed that blue eye colors are mentioned in most love songs? Pure and crystal clear, they amaze with their beauty, making their owners appear as innocent as possible. Blue eyes are so magnifying, and there are so many different shades of them. Dark blue, hazel blue, crystal blue and all of them are making people appear so special. We would like to give you a few eyeshadow colors for blue eyes that will make your eyes appear even more beautiful and pure. Intrigued? Of course, as these combinations will give you an opportunity to stay colorful and bright without making you look too much. Bring out the beauty of your blue eyes with these options.

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Bored of the same natural glam in your daily makeup routine? We know the great solution. Apply some cranberry or rosy pink eyeshadow to your crease and lower lash line, and the effect will amaze you. Such an unusual color will make your eyes pop in contrast. Apply usual grey or cold brown eyeshadow to the corner of your eyes and a bit of brighter color to the lid. Some people prefer translucent milky shades that will brighten up the eyes. These colors will definitely bring something new to your eye makeup.

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A classic brown smoky eye is what will never go out of style! Perfectly blended together, light or dark brown shades will make the blue in your eyes even brighter. Add a bit of a light gold champagne color to your lid and make your eyes look even more pure and clear.

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Dark brown or even black eye makeup really compliments blue eye colors. Of course, as such dark colors will, in contrast, make your eyes look so clear! Add a bit of gold and don`t forget to blend everything together perfectly and, voila, your perfect makeup is ready.

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Again, the contrast makes it all! Such bright blue eye colors will be complemented greatly by colorful eyeshadow such as yellow, gold, cranberry and peachy. Imagine them all together. That is a perfect mix to define your beautiful blue eyes. Blend them in perfectly to make a soft effect and apply a bright main color to the lid.

Source: makeupbyan via Instagram Do you enjoy colorful eyeshadow? Then we have great news for you! Rose pink eyeshadow will be a key to make blue eye colors pop! From light to dark shades, you can play with them as much as you want. For example, by darkening the inner and outer corners, only defining your crease or putting rose as the main color. Try such a berry combination of colors. Source: pinkperception via Instagram

If you enjoy playing with colors but are not ready for bright combinations, then we have a suggestion for you. Pastel rose, ocean blue and white colors are yours to bring some definition to your eyes without making the eye makeup too heavy.


Eyeshadow Colors For Hazel Eyes

A hazel eye color is what people start to talk about more and more. Why? It is so rare and deep that it makes us stare at such eyes with aw. A perfect mix of brown and green, it reminds of the colors of a forest in the mountains. How to define such a beautiful color without ruining such an effect? Here are some suggestions.

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A cranberry, red smoky eyes is what will go so well with such a deep color. Hazel eye colors are subtle, so why don`t you bring a bit of color? Contrast, and you will be so amazed at the results. Different textures can be used, whether you prefer matte eyeshadow or glitter. This look is to go for.

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A light mostly translucent brown color will help you make your eyes pop. Blend this color perfectly to get a light gradient effect and add a bit of champagne colored eyeshadow or glitter to the central part of the lid to highlight it.

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A super festive look for your gorgeous hazel eyes is right in front of you! A peachy shade smoky eye with a pop of glitter and some shimmery eyeshadow to make a soft transition will make your eyes complemented well enough.

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A deep color will be so good to go with the color of your eyes! Dark peachy brown will make your eye look appear brighter and colorful being natural and subtle at the same time. Apply dark brown and blend it well with an orangey shade. After that step, you are ready to apply some colorful glitter. Such a combination of eyeshadow will bring out the beauty of your eye color.

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Want to define your eyes even more? Repeat the previous look by blending a crease shade and adding some highlight but in the end, add some eyeliner to make the eye look appear brighter.

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A brown smoky eye with a hint of orange transition color is what you are looking for to add to your daily routine. Don`t you agree? We believe it to be soft and natural but really flattering for such eye colors at the same time.

Best Eyeshadow Color For Brown Eyes

Chocolate brown eyes are always associated with warmth and depth. We don`t get why some people call it boring as there are so many variations of such eye colors. People have dark brown eyes, light brown eyes and even almost black eyes. Imagine how magical they can look. We would like to give you advice on the best eyeshadow color for brown eyes.

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Do you prefer natural glam for every day? Then try this eye look. Apply some light grey eyeshadow as a transition shade to your crease and make a light smoky effect. Add shimmery champagne eyeshadow and your eyes will be as magnets that day.

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The same brown smoky eye with an emerald color is your thing definitely. However, why don`t you put some matte emerald green instead of glittery? Different, it will make your eyes appear darker and in contrast so beautiful.

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Such a complex mix of colors will bring out the best of your chocolate eye color. Do cut crease with some bright eyeshadow straight on top of your well-blended transition peachy shades and apply a thick wing.

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Do you consider yourself to be extraordinary? Then we believe this eye look is perfect for you. Deep blue eyeshadow with an orange transition shade and a glittery cat eye liner – these are the elements that will make you look super bright and creative.

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Dark brown will go so well with your chocolate eyes. The same shade as the color of your beautiful eyes will help you make an effect of depth and will bring even more definition to them. A light ombre effect with a slightly lighter eyeshadow color will do wonders and make your eyes pop.

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Want to try something really different from what you`ve tried before? Then this intense brown smoky eye with a glittery emerald eyeshadow color will make your brown eyes appear so magnetic. Glitter will make your eyes a bit brighter and its effect will be different to what you are used to.


Perfect Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes

A lot of people all over the world consider green eyes to be the most gorgeous color out of all, and there`s nothing strange about it. Dark green eyes reminds of freshness and depth at the same time. It is believed to bring calmness and peace, so imagine what the person you are speaking to may feel while you’re having an eye contact? Do you want even a better effect? Then let`s see the best eyeshadow color for green eyes.

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A greyish smoky eye with some pop of champagne color all over the lid will make your eyes even greener and magnetic than they are already.

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Want to be different? Then try this easy eye makeup that will turn heads. Apply a soft peachy shade and blend it all over your lid. Add a bit of colorful blue mascara and you`re done! Looking as stunning as usually!

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A combination of a darkened outer corner and gold glittery eyeshadow as the main color is to go for! Your eyes will appear much greener and brighter with such a contrasting mix.

Purple Smokey Makeup Idea For Green Eyes

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Are you bored of the makeup looks you are used to? Would you like to try something new that is far from your ordinary routine? Then this eye makeup look is perfect for your green eyes.  Apply a warm brown tone to your crease and blend it perfectly to get a smokey effect. Don`t forget about your lower lash line too and bring it there. Add dark blue to the outer corner and apply a bit of purple to make a beautiful transition. A bit of pink and light gold should be added moving to your inner corner. Above the main colors add some black shadow with the help of a tiny brush and blend it perfectly. A gorgeous eye makeup look that will for sure bring in some mood to your life!


Eye Colors Guide And The Best Makeup For Them

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An icy cooled toned eye makeup look that will make your green eyes pop is here for you. Add a cool toned beige color to your crease and blend it to achieve a soft effect. To complete a smokey look add a light frosty blue all over the lid. Such a perfect combo of colors will bring in the green with the help of contrast. Complete the look by adding a bit of the blue shade to your lower lash line and a neat black wing. Unusual and suitable for daily routine, it will become one of your favorite eye makeup variations.

Soft Smokey Look For Green Eyes

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Are you a fan of pink eyeshadow shades and would like to experiment with it to achieve something extraordinary? Soft but creative at the same time, it will be suitable for both day and nights.  Apply a light cool-toned pink shade to the crease and blend it with the help of a fluffy brush. There should be no lines left after you do your magic step of blending. Draw a wing with the help of a soft eyeliner and taking a small blending brush, work it through to get a softly blended wing. Apply a dark purple eyeshadow all over it and blend it to get a smoked wing effect. A great tip after such a step would be to clean up the edge of the wing with some concealer to get a neat look. Add light pink all over the lid and you`re done!

Sexy Smokey Makeup For Gray Eyes

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Blue eyes are so magnetic! Especially if you highlight their beauty with the right eyeshadow combinations. Don`t be afraid to experiment. Try out this look with us. To a light pinky cooled tone shadow in the crease add some gray eyeshadow to the outer corner and blend them both perfectly together. To get a soft transition to apply some shimmery dark and then light purple eyeshadows. Add a snow-white shade to the inner corner to highlight and some grayish color to the lower lash line. Blend everything together and your perfect eye look is done. A contrast of dark eyeshadows will even out the light blue color of your eyes.


Shimmer Dark Brown Eyeshadow For Gray Eyes

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If you prefer brown eyeshadow shades for your daily routine, we would like to give you an idea that will make your favorite look even interesting. Why don`t you add some gold glitter all over the lid to get a beautiful look? Some sparkles will bring in some creativity and freshness to the brown smokey eyes. So take a brush and lightly press some glitter all over the eyeshadow. You can use some translucent glitter glue to make them stay on your eyes longer. Isn`t it gorgeous?

Soft Smokey Makeup With Color Eyeliner

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Another idea that will make your loved brown smokey even better is this one. Apply your preferable variation of brown shades and carefully carve out with the help of the concealer the center of your lid. Apply some light eyeshadow with shimmer all over it and the contrast of colors will do its work. Add some shimmery gold eyeshadow or glitter to the lower lash line and smoke it out. Apply a thin line of burgundy eyeliner and you`re done! Gorgeous for both daily routine and nights out, it will become your favorite eye makeup look.

Gold Cut Crease Makeup For Gray Eyes

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Copper Glitter Shadow With Black Bold Eyeliner Makeup For Gray Eyes

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Glam Glitter Smokey For Gray Eyes

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FAQ: Eye Colors

Which eye color is most rare?

There are case reports that green eyes are the rarest, but gray eyes are even rarer. Eye color isn’t just about the redundancies of your appearance. It can also tell something about your health.

Can brown eyes wear blue eyeshadow?

You can wear eyeshadows in almost any color, including purple, blue, green or bronze. Light brown eyes look especially good with blue eyeshadows.

Does red hair look good with brown eyes?

Red hair and brown eyes is a combination that no one can resist. Brown eyes look great when paired with various dyes, but red makes them even stronger. Strawberry, burgundy and auburn are just a few of the shades you see when you scroll down your Instagram page.