Clever Ways How To Give Money As A Gift

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First, let us discuss some etiquette rules for graduation gifts. Rule number one: the gift should be presented beforehand, that is, not at the ceremony, especially if it’s big or fragile.

Sweets Graduation Gifts

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Surely, graduation is sweet, however, you can make it even sweeter with a proper gift. Candy or doughnuts, or the combination of both, will create an unforgettable and appreciated present.


Graduation Photo Gift Ideas

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Jewelry Graduation Gift Ideas

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Rule number two: photo gifts are cute, but gift cards and money are not only appropriate, but also very welcome. As for gift cards, consider grocery, mega store, coffee, iTunes, and gas.


Bright And Unusual Gifts For The Graduate

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And don’t forget to add a note with any gift. As for the money, if it’s cash, don’t be lazy and get new bills in the bank. Rule number three: think twice before deciding to present clothes.

Useful Gift Ideas

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Gifts are something that makes you feel warm inside and maybe a little sentimental. However, the best gifts are the ones that come practical as well. Be it a thermos cup or a watch, or anything else you come up with – make sure it may come in handy one day!

FAQ: Graduation Gift Ideas

What is an appropriate graduation gift?

The majority of graduation presents are in the $40-$150 range. The sums vary based on your relationship. However, some examples are: $30-80 for friends and siblings. $100 or more for parents.

Is it OK to write a check for a graduation gift?

Always keep within your budget when deciding how much to offer as a graduation gift. While writing a $30 check may seem suitable for some, others may feel compelled to give a bigger amount due to their high income or closer relationship with the graduate.

Do you open graduation gifts at the party?

No, you don’t have to unwrap the cards/gifts at her graduation party. Set up a table where everyone can put their items. If your graduate friend doesn’t read the cards out loud or discuss the amounts of gift cards, checks, or cash he receives if he does open cards and gifts.