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Incredible Inky Nail Design

Source: belnailsart via Instagram

Incredible Inky Nail Design #navybluenails #ovalnails #longnails #ombrenails

Royal blue shades on the top this season, however when simple blue is to dull for you and going over the edge is not about you – there is a gorgeous way out. All you need to do is to add two accent nails to your manicure. The accent lies in the way the blue base fades into negative space. The outcome is simply breath-taking! See for yourself!

Cute Nails With Polka Dots

Source: bydanijela via Instagram

Cute Nails With Polka Dots #dotticurenails #rhinestonesnails

To create a cute nail design you do not need to be a professional yourself. Sometimes all that is required for the creation of a masterpiece is the dotting tool and white nail polish. You can add some rhinestones or studs to take this simple but mind-blowing manicure to the whole new level!

Low-Key Nails With Studs And Stripes

Source: xnailsbymiri via Instagram

Low-Key Nails With Studs And Stripes #shortnails #stripednails

Those of you with long nails sometimes look for a low-key design to show off the length in the first place. We happen to know about exactly what you need. This lilac base adorned with silver stripes and studs is quite minimalistic but nonetheless elegant and charming.

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