These days the value of a personal face mask has changed forever. However, fashion artists never sleep, and they tend to try to bring at least a ray of happiness into this whole face-mask situation. Recently, many designer houses started their own mask production. Nevertheless, it is not all the news, they have suggested a bunch of ways that you can either match your outfit with the mask or vice versa so that it becomes an essential element of your look. Today we are going to share with you a list of ideas on how you can introduce the face mask into your style and become a true fashion icon in a matter of minutes!

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Black Mask with Trench Coat

These days matching your mask with the outfit is partially a necessity and partially a projection of personal taste and style. If you wonder which mask is designed to go well with a seasonal trench coat, a back one will fit in the picture seamlessly. The universal flair of black will make your look classy and modern at the same time.

Blue Mask with White Blouse

Not so long ago, every clothing piece could have served the purpose of an accent element. However, these days the role is entitled to the face mask. As it turns out, a blue mask can a perfect accent attribute of a pure white look, and the same-shaded purse will only intensify the effect.

Red Mask with Red Hat and White Jacket

Some ladies are still wondering about the mask color to pair with a trendy headpiece. While some say that same-colored hats and face masks are out of place, we will prove otherwise. As long as the rest of the image is contrasting enough to reflect the hat-mask combo, you’ve done it right!

Green Mask with Green Long Sleeve

Sometimes contrast is not necessary to complete a trendy look. There are cases when matching accessories are the ones holding the whole look together. Such a gentle green face mask balanced with a pretty long-sleeve turtleneck seems to be great partners.

White Outfits with Black Accent

If you want your mask to stand out and gather attention, it is not enough to make it contrasting to the whole look. It should fall out of the look and become a separate accessory. Such a jingling and glittery piece won’t go unnoticed no matter where you go.

Black Mask with Belted Blazer

Matching face masks with classy and elegant looks is challenging, but we will help you manage with it effortlessly. All it takes is a simple black mask to complete a trendy but traditional outlook. As simple as that!

Red Mask with Red Scarf Over Head

Ladies in red are always the sexiest, no matter the reserved vibe of the look. You can hide your hair under the scarf, hide the eyes behind the glances and hide the face behind the mask – but the red color will make you stand out from the crowd. Get ready for mesmerized gazes from every corner!

Leopard Dress With Bomber Jacket

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We know how hard it may be for you to forget about your lovely street look just because you are bound to wear a mask that may not match it. Well, the truth is that the best face mask is the one that complements your look instead of just standing out. In this case, a black mask is a purely classy decision that takes a look to the whole next level of trendy.

All Black Outfit

Ladies in black are elegant and chic. There is nothing that can ruin that impression, we can assure you here. What is more, a fabric face mask in black will only add that mysterious vibe to your outlook, and that is surely an advantage, don’t you think?

Matching Print Top And Mask Casual Outfit

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It may take you a while to come up with a true fashion face mask, but the effect will certainly be worth the effort. One look at this mask that matches the top flawlessly speaks for itself.

High Waisted Pants With Lemon Sweatshirt

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Very often, the simplest surgical face mask can easily become that noticeable accent of the whole look. Staying vibrant when the summer comes is crucial. However, no one dismissed the emphasis, right? A black mask is that perfect emphasis that makes the whole lemon-bright outlook stand out even better.

Ruffled Dress With Lace Fabric Mask

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Many ladies who are in love with classy dresses worry that face mask fashion can’t go as far as to fit their favorite clothing items. However, the reality is far different. These days a lovely lace mask can complete the classiest dress there is. The only thing that it takes is to match the tones of your items.

Casual Outfit With Denim Jacket

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Undoubtedly, social gatherings are limited at the moment. However, you still can take a walk to the store looking your absolute best. Such a fashion mask is seamless incorporation into this stylish casual look.

Print Dress With Matching Mask Outfit

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Summer is the season of fantastic dresses, so do not think about letting the quarantine ruin it for you. These days fashion masks are getting more and more versatile by the day so that fitting one to your lovely dress should not be a problem anymore.

Tulle Maxi Dress With Combat Boots

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Edgy ladies stay edgy no matter what. If you are one of those femme fatale ladies, then regular black masks will substitute all the fashion face masks in the world. Such a simple mask will add that daring vibe that is hard to pass by.

Faux Leather Shorts With Leopard Jacket

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Feeling adventurous enough to create a custom face mask? No? Well, no worries here, a regular black mask will complete your trendy leopard jacket look like nothing else. Throw in a pair of leather shorts to the mix, and you are going to be hard to take the eyes off!

Sports Suit With Matching Mask Outfit

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Quarantine is not the reason why you should skip your regular run or walk in the park. However, precautions are to be followed. The best way to walk out of the situation like a fitness queen is to match your face mask with a sports suit you are wearing.

Vintage Print Dress Outfit

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It is true that matching mask and clothes pattern look magnificent. However, if you are not feeling like cutting a piece of your dress out to create the mask, you can work with texture and patterns instead. The fact that the mask does not absolutely match the dress makes it look perfectly unique and trendy.

Black Mini Dress Outfit Idea

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Even if you are not heading for a social event, you can still sport your little black dress outside. Throw in a pair of comfy pumps and a black mask to look incredibly ravishing and sleek.

Black Maxi Dress With White Plaid Jacket

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Some hues are meant to be worn together, and it does not take a genius to figure out that black and white are on the list. We certainly agree that such a plaid jacket and maxi dress combo is a killer one. However, in times when you need to incorporate a mask in, a black mask trimmed with lace seems to be created for this look.

Casual Outfit With Knitted Sweater And Floral Mask

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These days the trends are changing at the speed of light, and there is barely anything that we can do about it but embrace them. Face masks have been in a fashion not for so long, but people’s creativity seems to know no boundaries. If you wish your mask both to match the style and stand out at the same time, then you may think about spending some time on decoration. As you can see, this floral mask is purely magnificent!

Black MOM Jeans With Flannel Shirt Outfit

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When you are choosing the mask to sport with your fav outfit, there are not so many things to consider. Match the tones and add a pinch of creativity into the look, that’s about it. This polka dot mask can easily match the most casual as well as the most elegant outfits of yours. The choice is yours!

Face Mask Designs

Apart from the fact what you are wearing your mask with, it is essential which mask you are wearing on. If you are tired of good old regular masks, it is time to get creative and come up with a mask that no one else has. We have a bunch of ideas to head you in the right direction!

Quarantine brings in face masks, and we are bound to obey the rules. However, while some people can’t wait to take those masks off, we know a few ways how they can upgrade your face mask look instead of ruining it!

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