Engagement Photo Ideas To Look Through Before The Photoshoot

Engagement photo ideas can help you a lot during the essential engagement photo shoot. And it’s time for joy because you can discover these ideas here and now.


When this photoshoot is ahead, here are the things to consider:

- Location. Pick a nice location that is meaningful for both of you.

- Time of day/year. Sun rays, spring flowers, blossoms, foliage or clean snow appear lovely. And if it’s gloomy or cloudy, it’s better to smile a lot for the photos not to turn out sad.

- Outfits. Make sure that you feel comfy in your outfits. It will bring confidence and won’t restrict you in any way.

- Props, activities. It is easier to pose when you are holding something or doing something. Plus, the pics will turn out unique, more fun.

Now let’s discover popular engagement photo themes.

Emotional Proposal Pictures

Source: serena_genovese via Instagram, serena_genovese via Instagram, serena_genovese via Instagram Source: serena_genovese via Instagram, serena_genovese via Instagram, jmhunterphotography via Instagram

Here you can see unique engagement photo ideas. Pose as if he is proposing to you. Remember how it was, what you felt at that moment. Try to convey these feelings, mimic that same expression on your face that you had back then.

Such photos are very emotional. They are capable of conveying the love story of two people secretly, quietly, and very beautifully.

Plan such a photoshoot beforehand. As for the engagement photo prop ideas you can use for this photoshoot, naturally, the main prop would be a box with a ring. Also, think about the background. It can enhance the pictures. Live in your happy moment and let the photographer catch your vibes.


Awesome Ring Shots

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Plan such a photoshoot beforehand. As for the engagement photo prop ideas you can use for this photoshoot, naturally, the main prop would be a box with a ring. Also, think about the background. It can enhance the pictures. Live in your happy moment and let the photographer catch your vibes.

Engagement Photo Ideas With Beautiful View

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Do you wish to go for modern engagement photos? Great choice! Such photos are usually taken on an amazing location. It shows that you and your future husband have active lifestyles and like traveling, which is the real thing nowadays.

Plus, is there anything more fabulous than a moment when you are walking and holding hands together? Popular locations for such photoshoots include mountains and rivers – some nature. Also, walking is an activity during which both of you will feel comfortable. It is not something complicated, but the result is magical. So, there is no chance that you’ll fail to do it right. It’s a total win-win!


The Lift Engagement Photos

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Continuing the discussion on outdoor engagement photo ideas, we would also recommend trying some lift photo ideas. First of all, this pose is classic – many brides choose to include such photos in their engagement photo albums. And it is not surprising why. Besides being sweet, romantic, and truly adorable, these photos are also dynamic. As for the lift level, it depends on the strength of your loved one and his willingness to get incredible photos.

Romantic Beach Photo

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Engagement photos poses on the beach are to consider if you wish to have very romantic photos. Many couples decide to have a photoshoot on the beach. Some of them just love the beach and sea, and that is why they go there. Others got acquainted on the beach. So, they would like to praise that moment. Such photos appear like scenes from a romantic movie – very touching and wonderful.


Gentle Emotional Engagement Photos

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Engagement is one of the most emotional moments in our lives. Look at this photo with couples in love. They are so happy. In other words, love is very much in the air!

Cute Engagement Pictures With Pets

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Are cute engagement photo ideas what you are looking for? It is possible to take photos of you with your pet. And it barely matters if you have a dog or another pet. The most important thing is that both you and your future husband love this creature.

Many couples also choose such photos because they let their close people see what their everyday life looks like. Pets make engagement photos very personalized.

Play With Props

Source: Hilary Briscoe Photography   Source: Dianne Personett Photography, Aislinn Kate Photography  

It’s a good idea to play with props. The examples are shown here. Such engagement photos would work awesome for wedding programs and invitations. And do you know why we absolutely adore this idea? Because every couple could find their own words or props for photos. Just think about something significant for your relationship and the idea won’t make you wait for a long time till it appears.

We hope that this post is helpful and you will use some of these ideas for your engagement photoshoot. Our blog has more inspo for you.


FAQ: Engagement Photo Ideas

How soon after you get engaged should you take engagement photos?

Ideally, engagement photos must be taken within 12 months of engagement before you can get absorbed in planning your wedding. The best thing to do right after your engagement is to hire a photographer, so you don’t have to worry after your honeymoon.

Do engagement photos have to match wedding theme?

As a couple, you need to complement each other and wear the ensemble at the same level. However, it does not have to be an exact match. Don’t let the awkward feelings get out of hand. If you want to look happy, relaxed and in love, do not wear anything that is unpleasant.

What should you not do in engagement photos?

  • Not appearing on time.
  • Going where you feel most uncomfortable.
  • Too many relocations.
  • Too many costume changes.
  • Wearing uncomfortable dresses.