You just broke up with the love of your life and you are completely devastated. You thought you would be together forever. You lay awake at night crying and wondering how to get him back. But if you are doing everything you can and you still can’t think of how to get his attention, you need to stop and refocus. You certainly don’t want to scare him off, but you want to win back his undying affections.


Obviously, the advice in this article on how to get him back to your life, meaning a healthy relationship. We do not want you to end up back with someone who was abusive or simply not good for you. If the relationship was harmful for you in any way, shape or form, it is time for you to move on and find someone who will treat you right. The sole purpose of this article is to give you some helpful advice on how to get his attention and how to win him back, if indeed he is the man for you. If he isn’t, than focus on healing yourself so you can attract the right man into your life!

Falling in love can be painful sometimes, but don't get upset. The following information will give you some helpful advice on how to get his attention without pushing him away.

Think About Why the Relationship to Ended in the First Place

The first thing you need to do is seriously evaluate what ended the relationship. As stated previously, if he was cheating on you, or abusing you in any manner, he is not the man for you. Take some time to figure out what went wrong and if in fact, can be resolved. You may have to have a heart-to-heart discussion with him, which may be a bit painful, but it can be very helpful in the long run. This way you can both be accountable for your part in the demise of the relationship and look for positive ways to overcome these obstacles should you get back together in the future. You should be willing to admit, and apologize for, you part in the breakup. Your ex will be more likely to give it another try if he sees that you are handling the breakup like a rational and mature adult.



Show Him You Can Be Happy Without Him

If you are curious as to how to get his attention, the best piece of advice we can offer is for you to be happy on your own. If he sees that you can live without him it will make him want you more. Men love women that are independent and not needy or clingy. Develop and cultivate your own interests and hobbies. Go out and live your life. Sitting at home crying and moping isn’t going to do you any good and it certainly will not help win him over. And whatever you do, do not call, text, or visit him incessantly and do not, we repeat do not under any circumstances drunk dial or text him. You will only come off looking desperate, clingy and insecure. Call or text one of your best friends instead and save yourself some humiliation later down the line.

If your ex sees that you are going on with your life and even happy without him, it will make you even more desirable. Post pictures to your social media sites of you and your friends at parties or on the beach, etc., where you are laughing and smiling so that he can see that you are living your life to the fullest, with or without him.


Keep Up Your Appearance

It is so easy to let ourselves fall apart after a breakup. You either gain or lose weight and just generally let yourself go. You stop caring about how you look. Your eyes are red and puffy from crying all the time and who cares about makeup? As hard it may be, if you want to get him back, you need to keep it together. Take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating properly. Overeating or starving yourself is not how to get his attention. Get up in the morning, shower and wash your hair. Throw on your cutest outfit, style your hair and put on that makeup. Show him that you are confident and attractive. Show him what he’s missing. This doesn’t mean to send him sexy lingerie pictures or post half-naked pictures of yourself online. Show him you’re a lady. Keep it classy!



Keep it Light

If you are still in communication, make sure to remain cheerful and positive. Don’t drone on and on about how much you miss him and how brokenhearted you are (even though it’s true). Keep things light and natural. Talk about your accomplishments. Ask him about his day and how his friends and family are doing. Show him you are a happy, upbeat person.


Get Your Act Together

Do not, under any circumstances, allow your life to fall apart without him. Continue to work on moving forward in life. Stay focused on your schooling or your career. Keep your finances intact. Don’t make any crazy, impulsive purchases that you will regret later and will only drain your bank account. Show him you are keeping it together on your own. And whatever you do, do not throw yourself at other men. If he hears that you are having meaningless flings, he’s going to think you are no longer interested in him and he will lose any respect that he once had for you. Do not throw yourself at him or any other man.


If you remember this simple and wise advice on how to get him back, you should have no problems, if he truly is the man for you. Don’t force yourself on him and never beg him to come back. Continue to be the amazing woman you were when he fell in love with you the first time. If he is truly the one for you, and you stick to our advice, you can be on your way to reuniting with the love of your life!


FAQ: How To Get His Attention

How do you get a guy’s attention without talking to him?

Yes, you can draw guys to you without ever having to speak to them. Wear clothes, cosmetics, and a hairdo that make you feel good to catch their attention. Then, using your body language, show guys that you want to be approached, and finally, use subtle behaviors to attract them to you.

How do I ignore him to get his attention?

Think about this when you’re trying to ignore a guy in the ‘proper’ way. However this may not work..

  • Ignore his communications and declare yourself ‘unavailable.’
  • Ignore his whole social media presence.
  • Don’t give in to the impulse to get intimate.
  • Ignore his requirements in favor of your own.
  • If he’s ignoring you, ignore him.

How long does it take for a man to realize he messed up?

The answer is different for everyone. However, many guys will have regrets about breaking up with you within 1-2 months. Dumper’s remorse, as we refer to it, is a very real emotion. It happens to almost everyone who has ever dumped someone.