Engagement photos taken in the fall look especially romantic. Cold weather, warm blankets, mesmerizing landscape of parks and gardens, drinking coffee together with your fiancé by the fireside – what can look tenderer?


Romantic Engagement Photos

Funny Fall Romantic Photo
Romantic Fall Engagement Photo
Fall Photoshoot Idea for Couple

When the photos are ready, add love quotes for him and some beautiful music to turn the photos into a video clip that tells a story about your relationship. You can show this video clip to your guests later on your big day.

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Romantic Fall Photo
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
Credit photo: thebigdayweddings.com
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
Credit photo: simplysaraphotographyblog.com
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
Credit photo: lusterstudios.com
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
Credit photo: geneoh.com
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
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The photo poses that you can see here scream romance. The beautiful fall landscape and you two hugging, kissing, or dancing. Can you think of anything cuter?


Forest Lovestory

Cute Engagement Photoshoot In Forest #cutephotos #love
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Fall Love Story #lovestory #engagement
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Beautiful And Romantic Engagement Photo #romanticphotoshoot #lovestory
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Love is the most natural feeling in the world. To emphasize the fact, you can easily take the romantic photoshoot to the forest or the mountains. The majestic scenery will only deepen the ultimate passion and rock-solid connection of two souls that have found each other in the vast and unpredictable universe.

Cute Engagement Photos

Engagement Photo With Pumpkins #lovestory #engagement
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Funny Fall Photoshoot #lovestory #engagement
Credit photo: instagram.com/alex_chuvakhin
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When you two are kissing, how do you feel? We bet it feels like heaven on earth. Why not capture this amazing moment? In years, you can look at these photos and smile.


Passion Kiss

Fallen Leaves Kiss
21 Fall Engagement Photos That Are Just The Cutest
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It is a grand gift to share the passion that ignites your hearts and make them skip a beat when you see one another. There is no reason for you to hide the way you feel about your eternal bond. Depict that passion in the picture to never forget about it!

Unforgettable Engagement Photos

Kiss Hand #lovestory #engagement
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Romantic Fall Engagement Photos#lovestory #engagement
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When choosing a location for your photoshoot, think about the place where the beauty of the fall season could be captured. For example, go to the wood or some lake.


Romantic Walk To Remember

Romantic Walk
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There are many walks to take and paths to discover in front of the family-to-be. However, the engagement one is unique and special, make sure you show your genuine feelings at the moment and take it with you throughout life.

Perfect Photoshoot Ideas For Your Lovestory

Nice Engagement Photo With Leaf #lovestory #beautifulphotos #love
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Perfect Photoshoot #lovestory #engagement
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Romantic Photo With Leaves #kiss #love #romanticphoto
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Here are some adorable ideas for your fall engagement photoshoot. Pumpkins or bright colored leaves could work great for the setting. Be creative, and the photos will turn out super cool.

Simple But Cute Ideas For Engagement Photoshoot

Grass Sitting #love #kiss
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Lift And Up! #love #relationship
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Look Each Other #love
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When you are in love, any location and every moment is a magical one. It does not matter where you are. What matters is how you feel. Even the simplest photoshoot scene can express the deepest and most beautiful emotions if they are sincere.


Creative Ideas For Your Love Story

Love And Music #love #lovestory
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Add Some Fun #proposal #love
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Leaf Falling Kiss #fall #love #kiss
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It is your day, your story, and your love. If you think you have some memories to reproduce and to share – go for it! Be it the first meeting, the first kiss, or the proposal day – all that makes you shiver with pleasant memories should be depicted!

FAQ: Fall Engagement Photos

What should I wear for fall engagement photos?

Your look should be color coordinated, wear colors that go well with each other.
Choose noble autumn colors like dark orange, brown, dark green, burgundy, purple, nothing too bright or flashy. Wear neutral colors like beige and ivory. Wear patterns, a plaid scarf can complement your look. Brown shoes blend better with the outfit as well as the autumn background rather than black ones. Tall boots or a hat are often seen in fall photoshoots. Decide if you want to continue this tradition.

How long after engagement do you get engagement photos?

You need to find a photographer soon after your engagement. You’ll probably do a lot of wedding planning so it is better to have your engagement photoshoot within 1-2 months of getting engaged. This will allow you to take things gradually and do not worry about your engagement photoshoot or engagement party when it is already time to start preparing for your big day.