Most of us have heard about the notion of kindred spirits. What is more, many consider having one by their side. However, a kindred spirit is not just someone you love deeply, unconditionally and even passionately. There is much more to this phrase that it may seem at first sight. That is why we decided to give this subject proper thinking and what we came out with is what you are going to read here. If you are eager to learn whether your second half is your kindred spirit – you have come to the right place. We assure you that there is a lot more to this notion than many people think. Read on to learn more!


What Are Kindred Spirits? #relationship #friendship

What Are Kindred Spirits?

Kindred Spirit Or Soul Mate: What Is The Difference? #relationship #friendship

It happens so that very often people confuse the soulmates and kindred spirit people. When you are in love with someone, it is unconditional and romantic. While a kindred relationship does not need to involve any romance, it is true that exceptions happen, and some people fall in love with their kindred spirits, but that may also lead to a disaster. Of course, every life situation is different, and it may not be your case, but you need to keep it in mind that sometimes a heartbreak can ruin something as beautiful as true friendship. However, it should be mentioned that if you manage to overcome the differences, this may turn out as well to be the most beautiful type of relationship.

A kindred spirit can be can be your best friends, your teacher even your pet. No matter how strange it may sound but it is what it is. A kindred person is someone who understands you from the first word and even without speaking involved. Your kindred heart is someone you just click with. To give you a better idea of how to figure out who is your kindred spirit – let’s continue our discovery.


So How Do You Recognize A Kindred Spirit?

So How Do You Recognize A Kindred Spirit? #relationship #friendship

In order to find out whether you are kindred hearts with someone dear and close to you, it is essential that you take a few points into consideration. All the best ways to find out your kindred spirit are gathered in this chapter.

1. You Have The Same Values

You Have The Same Values #relationship #friendship

It may seem quite obvious, but you share similar values with someone you are kindred hearts. Of course, it does not mean that you must agree on everything in the whole wide world. There is a room for disagreements and various beliefs. However, when it comes to some common grounds such as politics, or religion you mostly share the same opinions with a kindred spirited person.

It should be noted that you are not bound to be identical, just similar. Besides, no matter the topic it is always interesting to have a conversation with a kindred spirit. Keep it in mind!


2. You Respect Each Other

Just like with a soulmate you and your kindred spirit respect each other. You may have a different opinion on the matter, but you will always respect the person’s choice even if does not coincide with yours. Due to that respect, you will never do anything to harm each other’s feeling, and that means a lot. No matter the life situation you can rely on that person, and you are a 100% sure that he or she will never let you down and you will do anything that you can not to let down that trust.

3. You Learn From Each Other

As we grow older, it may seem that we know everything in the world, but in most cases that is not true. Your kindred spirit always notices when something goes wrong, and they teach you, help you overcome certain situation. Even if it does not seem right at the moment, the person who is a real friend to you will always spot the danger, and together you can go through anything. As it has been mentioned before – kindred friendship is all about mutual respect, but honesty is supposed to be there in your relationship too. Bear it in mind. When someone tells you the truth, you need to be able to value the opinion.


4. You Are Energetic Matches

You Are Energetic Matches #relationship #friendship

When you are close to someone, you are always on the same energetic level. That means that you can feel each other’s mood like no one else. Due to that fact, you grow closer together with every day, and that is another great thing about kindred friendship. What is more, you can fill each other out with that similar energy of yours and that is what all people need at one period of time or another.

5. You Are Honest With Each Other

Even though honesty is the best policy, many people neglect it. It is a lot easier to tell you what you want to hear instead of telling the cold truth. That is when your kindred spirit chooses the latter. It may be difficult for him or her to destroy your illusions, but as a friend, he or she understands that it is a mere necessity. It may seem hurtful or unfair at the given time, but in the long run, you will thank for it later. It is essential that you value your close ones for their honesty, not the white lies.

6. You Help Each Other Move Forward On Your Paths

There are times when you get into a difficult situation, and it is hard to move on, on your own. That is when your kindred spirit helps you out. The thing is that many life situations repeat themselves with different people. If you are dealing with depression, there is surely someone who have gone through it already and dealt with it successfully. Your kindred friend may be that one person who will reach out a helping hand when no one else does. This is only natural that kindred spirits help each other move on in the darkest of times. If you know a person who would do something like that – consider yourself lucky – you have a kindred spirit close to you!


7. You Enhance One Another’s Lives

Very often kindred spirits are partners in real life. It does not necessarily need to be a life partner, but a business partner. It happens, so that usually kindred people enhance each other’s lives. For instance, your skills and abilities complement each other. Besides, if your life partner is the kindred spirit you can consider yourself to be the luckiest of all people. Do not forget that people like that surrounding you should and need to be cherished!

8. You Know What Each Other Needs

You Know What Each Other Needs #relationship #friendship

There are times when you are down, and it seems that you do not want to see or hear from anyone. However, your kindred spirit can\t be that easily mislead. When you are at your worst, he or she will not only feel it but will also be able to help you because kindred spirits always know what is best for you. You shouldn’t even try to lie to such people since they can smell a lie from a mile. Just let them take care of you until you are better.

Can Be Pets Your Kindred Spirits?

Can Be Pets Your Kindred Spirits? #friends #pets

This may sound a little silly, but your pet can as well be your kindred spirit. Even though you can’t communicate like people do, but that does not mean that there is no bond between you. Very often that special connection between you and your favorite pet does not require words, you just are there for each other and in many life situations that is all that is needed.

The subject of kindred spirits is far more complicated than it may seem at first glance. We have covered here all the essential to bear in mind when you wish to find out who your kindred spirit is. Besides, it does not need to be a person at all, even your pet can be your kindred spirit! Read more about platonic love to know what is it!


FAQ: Kindred Spirits

Is a kindred spirit the same as a soulmate?

The idea of kindred spirits can be formulated in many ways, but in essence they are bound by the same system of values, whereas soulmates often define their spiritual connection as two separate souls that are connected. Kindred spirits, in their turn, may feel alike, or at least similar to each other.

What is stronger than a soulmate?

This is where your twin flames come into play. It’s about your “mirror soul”, or the other part of your ego, which can sometimes create even closer and deeper connections than just meeting your soulmate. This person can radically change the flow of your life, just like you can change his or her life…