Romantic Ideas For Lovers This Valentines Day

Another Valentines Day is rapidly approaching and we all want to think of a unique way to surprise your special someone. Sure, chocolates and flowers are always romantic, and a tried and true classic for Valentine’s, but you want to do something super unexpected for your significant other.


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for falling in love. Or, if you are already in love, it is always pleasant to rejuvenate your relationship.

We have compiled a list of 25 romantic surprises for lovers this Valentines Day!

Whether you go for a romantic walk in the woods or write a special note with your favorite quotes about love, there are plenty of ways to surprise your sweetie on this special day.

Plan a Romantic Getaway

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Take a romantic trip to Paris or London, or someplace tropical. If you don’t have so much money, you can book an overnight at your favorite bed and breakfast. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip; it’s just the idea of getting away from it all to celebrate your love, just the two of you. A lot of places have special package rates for Valentines Day. Do some research online and you’ll be able to find something to fit any budget.


Dinner by Candlelight

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Prepare all of your honey’s favorites for a special candlelight dinner for two. Or try some new recipes. Switch on some romantic music, light some candles and put on your sexiest outfit. Spend the evening wrapped in each other’s arms and enjoy the moment.


Recapture Your First Date

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Remember when you first fell in love? How nervous you were on that first date? Recapture that moment and surprise your sweetie by traveling back in time and taking a walk down the memory lane to recapture the magic and nostalgia of that first date.


Plan a Scavenger Hunt

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Plan a surprise date and leave clues around the house (or better yet, around town) to send your sweetie on a romantic scavenger hunt. The last clue will lead him or her to the gift or surprise date location.

Compose a Booklet of Valentine’s Coupons

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Write out a bunch of love coupons and make a Valentine's booklet. You can include items such as “backrub,” “total control of the remote for an evening,” “romantic night out,” and so forth. Get creative and let your imagination go wild!


Make a Scrapbook Highlighting Your Relationship

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Dig out all of your old photos, cards and other memorabilia and make a scrapbook of your time together. Capture your relationship forever with an album that highlights your most precious moments as a couple.

Surprise Your Sweetie With a Picnic Lunch at Work

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Show up at your honey’s work with flowers and champagne and a picnic lunch for two. You might have to clear it with the boss first. But maybe you can arrange an extra long lunch and even a private room away from everyone so you can have a truly romantic meal together.

Splurge on Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant You Have Always Wanted to Try

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Go for broke and make a reservation at that exotic restaurant you have been dying to try for weeks.


See a Show

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Go to a play, musical or comedy show. Enjoy an evening out on the town together.


Go on a Cruise

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Nothing says romance like being at the sea. You can book a trip on a luxury cruise or something as simple and romantic as a dinner and sunset cruise.

Take a Class Together

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Sign up for one of those wine and painting courses or take a cooking class together. Or even something fun like a dance class or yoga. Choose something that you will both enjoy and will want to experience together.


Go to a Wine Tasting

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A lot of wineries have special packages for Valentines Day. Spend the evening at a wine tasting. Or if you aren’t a wine connoisseur, you can always go to a brewery as beer tasting can be just as fun!

Go Hiking

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Go on a hike in the woods or a local park. Or biking, even. Pack some snacks or a romantic picnic lunch and sit and enjoy the nature together.

Go Ice Skating

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Don your ice skates and glide across the ice holding hands. Be sure to bundle up in your cutest winter outfit!


Escape at Home

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If you can’t afford to go away, you can turn your home into a getaway. Transform your bedroom into a tropical paradise (or the theme of your choice) and escape in the privacy of your own home!

Plan a Movie Night

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Choose your sweetie’s favorite movie, pop some popcorn, chill a bottle of wine, dim the lights and snuggle up by the fireplace together.


Have a Spa Day

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Treat yourselves to a day of pampering at a spa. Get a couples massage and have the full treatment. You both deserve a day of being spoiled!


Go to a Sporting Event

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Check out a local sporting event or catch a hockey or basketball game. Cheer on your favorite team.

Go Dancing

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Go out for a night on the town. Dance together under the stars and just enjoy each other’s company.

Go on a Shopping Spree

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Go shopping together, whether it’s to the mall, a boutique, antique store, treat each other to a shopping spree. Take the time to sit in a coffee shop and relax.


Take a Daytrip

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Rent a car and take a spontaneous road trip. Spend the day checking out a new town, enjoy some culture at a museum or festival or take a trip to the shore or countryside.


Watch the sunset

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Find a romantic and secluded place to watch the sunset together. Don’t forget the champagne and strawberries!

Go Horseback Riding

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Find a local ranch and go on an adventure on horseback. Pack a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine!


Make Your Own Chocolate

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Who says you have to buy chocolate when you can make your own? Make some homemade fudge or truffle together and enjoy it for the dessert after a romantic dinner.

Dress Up in Exotic Costumes

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Even if you aren’t a fan of Cosplay, dressing up can be fun (and sexy). Stay in, dress up in a provocative outfit and seduce your sweetie!

There you have it! 25 fun and romantic ideas for your honey on Valentine's Day. Have fun and remember that love is to celebrate every day, not just on February 14th! But don't forget, that if your plan breaks you can always spend single valentines day in a good way!