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Short Inverted Layered Bob Cut

Short Inverted Layered Bob Cut #invertedbob #brownbob

Inverted bobs are popular no matter what century it is outside and there is no wonder why. There is barely anything that would look as gorgeous as this messy layered inverted bob cut!

Source: styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Bright Blue And Purple Layered Bob

Bright Blue And Purple Layered Bob #bluehair #bluebob

If there is a statement to make – go for it. However you have to be sure that no matter the brightness this layered bib looks extremely gentle and feminine not to mention stylish!

Source: hairgod_zito via Instagram

Layered, Tousled Bob

Layered, Tousled Bob

This look is extremely flattering for those with fine hair. The longer side bangs that are set slightly higher will help add height and volume. Some blonde overtones will add depth to the look.

Source: Jamiekeikohair via Instagram

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