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Paper Groom And Bride

Paper Groom And Bride #weddingcake #toppers #cake

There are times when usual bride and groom looks are not just what you wish your wedding cake topper would look like. Well, then it is time to experiment and use your cutting out skills. You can use your own couple photo, cut your silhouettes out and place it on the top of your wedding cake. There is no limit to your wedding cake toppers as long as you like them.

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Paper Gold Rings

Paper Gold Rings  #weddingcake #toppers #cake

In case, paper topper does not appeal to you – worry not, we always have something stored up our sleeve. The fact is that paper gold rings on the top of your not less gold cake would look just perfect.

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Wedding Mini Banner

Wedding Mini Banner #weddingcake #toppers #cake

If you wish your wedding to be like no one else’s, we may know how to help you out with a cake. The thing is that instead of a regular bride and groom figures we suggest you place a couple of cute penguins on top. How fun does that sound? However, that is not it! You can also hang a funny banner over the penguins to intensify the intrigue and uniqueness of your cake.

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Memorial Date As Wedding Cake Topper

Memorial Date As Wedding Cake Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Very often, most couples come with their figurines or names to be put on the cake. However, other memorable things can be introduced into your wedding cake toppers. What we have in mind is the date of the big day itself. Surely, such a topper will look outstanding and more than appropriate.

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Family Portrait

Family Portrait #weddingcake #toppers #cake

When you say family portrait, most people imagine lots of relatives depicted in one photo. Yet, this is not the case since we are talking about wedding cake toppers. A dark silhouette of a couple in love on top of your minimalistic black and gold wedding cake can be that suitable family portrait that no one could have even thought of!

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