I Am Averse to Drinking Not to Drinkers – 14 Things Not to Say to a Non-Drinker

I do not like to drink but that does not mean that I do not like drinkers. I have been in the company of drinkers and while some of them are a sport and have never made me stand out in the crowd, I’ve been among some drinkers who think I am peculiar. My experience tells me that those who do not drink have often been singled out and you may have had some odd questions thrown at them. I have my list of things not to say to your non-drinking friend when you hang out with one the next time you drink.

14 Things Not to Say to a Non-Drinker


1. “Why are you so stuck up girl?”

If you don't know what to say to someone who is depressed, or you suppose he or she is, it's better to hold your tongue. If you say something stupid, the reaction might be like this: Did you really say that? The fact that I am out here having some fun just proves you wrong. Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean that I do not enjoy or do not have fun. I like being in control but that’s true for many drinkers as well. 

14 Things Not to Say to a Non-Drinker


2. “Come on live a little”

Beautiful women do not need alcohol to bring their spirits up. So your idea of living may not be exactly the same as mine, but then I am not prejudiced towards your ideas. You shouldn’t be prejudiced to mine either.

3. “All I want is to see you drunk”

If that’s all you really want then its high times you got an insight into your aspirations. Go beyond the horizons and aspire a little more than just to see me slamming shots. The world is not so small after all and there is a lot more that you could dream to do.


4. “I am going to get you to drink”

That’s not happening. Let us respect our decisions, your decision to drink and mine not to drink. If you are going to try and change mine then that is going to end as a failed endeavour.

5. “Is it for religious reasons?”

Just because I refused a drink does not mean that you get to interrogate me about my lifestyle. My reasons for not drinking are not for you to know.

I am averse to drinking not to drinkers – 14 things not to say to a non-drinker


6. “You don’t drink? You got to be kidding me.”

No I don’t drink, and no I’m not kidding. Is it so hard for you to believe that people can attend parties without getting drunk? One question that may arise in your mind is that what to do drink then? Water, there is quite a bit on the menu that does not include alcohol. You may not have known that because you never looked beyond spirits.

7. “So what do you do for fun?”

Are you telling me this is all that you do for fun? That is depressing because life has a lot many fun moments without a drink as well. Rather I feel sorry about the fact that you need alcohol to make yourself interesting. I’ve been able to enjoy myself without a drink and friends have enjoyed my company without me having to join them for a drink. So I am sorry you feel this way but I doubt alcohol could make me any more interesting.

8. “How could you live without drinking?”

Let me tell you a secret. You need to breathe to live you see. Drinking has no relation with being alive. I’m guessing Science was not your favourite subject. Anyway, I am not going to judge you just because you drink and I do not. I do not think that you are a mess, but I may believe you if you keep questioning my non-drinking abilities.

I Am Averse to Drinking Not to Drinkers – 14 Things Not to Say to a Non-Drinker


9. “So what do you do then if you don’t drink?”

Usually, I do the same things you do minus a drink in the hand. I enjoy myself at parties, clubs and pubs. You can still party without getting drunk. I am yet to visit a party which says ‘drinkers only’.

10. “It is hard for me to relate to you”

Just because I do not drink does not mean that we can’t relate. Get to know me and I am sure will be able to relate somewhere. A drink is not the only way to relate. To begin with you should know the things not to say to me – a non-drinker.

11. “How old are you? Are you even 21?”

That is flattering, but yes I am of drinking age, but that does not mean you can coerce me into a drink. Drinking is not the only way for me to prove my age, and I don’t mind feeling younger if that’s what you think. But just because I do not drink does not mean I hate alcohol. I am sure you enjoy it and it may be wonderful for you, but I don’t feel the same way for alcohol. I do not want to drink but I am not against the drink or the drinkers. If I were I won’t be here at all.


12. “Don’t you feel like you are missing out?”

If I felt that way then I would get myself a drink. I’ve heard stories of hangover and it sounds pretty miserable. So I would rather pass on that. I am not scared about drinking; I’m just not interested in a drink. But the way you pressurize me is scary. 

14 Things Not to Say to a Non-Drinker

13. “Just try it once. I won’t tell anyone.”

It wouldn’t matter if you did, but I do not want to drink no matter how many times you ask me.

14. “Don’t be lame”

That’s quite a threat. However, my choice of not to drink has nothing to do with my being lame. The fact that you actually chose to say that to get me into drinking is pretty lame.

These are some of the most common things I’ve heard as a non-drinker. And now that you know how we feel, make sure that you know the things not to say to a non-drinker.


FAQ: Things Not To Say To A Non-Drinker

What are good excuses for not drinking?

  1. I’m on a medicine that I can’t mix with alcohol.
  2. I’m not feeling well, therefore I’m not going to drink tonight.
  3. I’m allergic to alcohol. (This is a nice reply if you’ve never met these people before and is unlikely to meet them again.)

Do non drinkers live longer?

Moderate drinkers generally live longer than non-drinkers and strong drinkers, according to epidemiological studies conducted by the UCSD School of Medicine in 2019.

Can a relationship work if one person drinks?

Experts from the UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health Care (UK) discovered that older couples had healthier relationships when they share the same drinking habits. If one person drinks and the other is a non-drinker, the researchers believe it’s more likely that these relationships will suffer.