Smokey eye makeup will probably never lose its popularity because it looks just fabulous. However, to rock this look, you should take into account the shape of your eyes. There are some makeup tricks for every eye shape. These tricks allow you to enhance the beauty of your eyes and hide any flaws.


Close Set Eyes

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Wide Set Eyes

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However, before opting for smokey makeup, learn how to lighten skin as flawless and glowing skin is a vital compound of a smokey look. To get rid of any signs of stress or aging, you can use products that are always present in your kitchen, like milk, yogurt, or baking soda.

Monolid Eyes

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Hooded Eyelids

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Also, learn how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes to ensure that eyeshadow won’t accentuate this flaw. You can easily deal with this problem at home, using such common products as tomatoes, cold tea bags, almond oil, milk, orange juice, or mint leaves.

Deep Set Eyes

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Prominent Eyes

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In case your eyes are deep set, your aim is to hide the asymmetry. Your brow bone can be pushed back and the eyes can be pulled forward with the help of different shades. Also, eyeliner might be helpful.

Read more about deep set eyes and makeup tips for this shape of eye!

Downturned Eyes

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Upturned Eyes

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If your eyes are downturned, the eye corners should be lifted to balance the look. You can achieve it by creating a bold and bright cat eye and blending the shades up and then out. Apply eyeliner for a fabulous effect.