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Short Hairstyles With Rainbow Coloring

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How to maintain your new vivid color.

  • The dye fades a bit after every wash. So, limiting the washes might be a nice idea. You can also apply dry shampoo in-between washes.
  • Do not overuse heat appliances, avoid staying in the direct sunlight to slow down the process of fading.
  • About once a week, undergo deep conditioning treatment or apply mask to nourish your distressed tresses.

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Undercut With Rainbow Hair Color #shorthair #undercut
Pixie Hair Cut With Rainbow Color #sidebang #pixiecut #layeredhair
Rainbow Color Hair With Short Haircut #shorthair #straighthairstyle

Are you tempted to try a color that will probably turn heads wherever you go? One of these looks can work great for babes who wish to experiment with their image.

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