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Beautiful And Feminine Side Tattoos

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Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo On The Side #sidetattoo #watercolortattoo #watercolorphoenixtattoo

Black And White Phoenix Tattoo Design #sidetattoo #blackphoenixtattoo
Abstract Watercolor Phoenix Tattoo On The Side #watercolortattoo #watercolorphoenixtattoo

Phoenix tattoo designs female half of the population usually choose are most often placed on the side. We can’t say that the placing is rare but it is undoubtedly intimate and bears more significant meaning to it, that is why it is essential that the sketch is perfectly chosen and transferred as well.

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Big Tattoo Idea For Side Body With Phoenix #sidebodytattoo
Side Body Tattoo Idea With Phoenix Bird #sidebodytattoo
Colorful Side Body Phoenix Tattoo Design #sidebodytattoo

Phoenix in Greek culture

Ancient Greeks believed that Phoenix was not only the symbol of the sun but also a god. Every day with the sunset, the god died in the fire to come back to life in the morning. If you think about it, it is easy to conclude that for Greek people phoenix signified the endless cycle of life.

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