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Colorful Heart Pattern

Source: murka_vk_nails via Instagram, polishpixie92 via Instagram, nailartemarilia via Instagram
Holographic Nails With Colorful Heart Pattern #holonails #heartsnailart
Funny Colorful Heart Pattern #pinknails #heartsnailart
Colorful Heart And Stripes Pattern #stripednails #heartsnailart

Valentine ’s Day is a joyful holiday that is why colorful manicure will fit in just perfectly. However, you should not forget about the hearts. Use these simple but outstanding designs to your advantage.

Abstracted Nail Art For Valentine’s Day

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Sparkly Pink Abstracted Nail Art  #pinknails #abstractednails
Bright Abstracted Nail Art  #pinknaiks #abstractednails
Abstracted Ombre Nail Art #ombrenails #rednails

Some women value abstract nail designs more than all the others. If you are one of them, then these abstract nail art ideas will undoubtedly win over your heart!

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