By: | Updated: 09/19/2017

1. Perfectly Imperfect Lob

Source: Anhcotran via Instagram

Perfectly Imperfect Lob

This sassy cut is super cute with its shaggy layers. If you want to add volume, blow dry your hair upside down and thus get some curls. Or use a crimping iron for an edgy look. The best thing about this look is it’s meant to appear bedraggled and carefree!

2. Sleek Ruby Lob

Source: Yanagoo via Instagram

Sleek Ruby Lob

This ruby red color is divine. The sleek, angled lob with longer layers in the front is sophisticated. However, if you want to be a bit bold, you can add some colorful pink or orange streaks for a pop of color! Some straightening serum and a flat iron is all you need to pull off this polished look!

3. Honey Blonde Bob with Lowlights

Source: Caribouv via Instagram

Honey Blonde Bob with Lowlights

This choppy shoulder-length lob is ultra-sexy with its soft lowlights on a honey blonde base. The lowlights add a ton of depth and dimension.

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