Wondering how to clean makeup brushes? We can give you some simple tips on how to clean them like a pro at home in a few easy steps! Women wear a lot of makeup, be it on a daily basis for work or school, or for a night out on the town or a special event. And we put a lot of wear and tear on our makeup brushes. However, in order to prevent infections and maintain proper hygiene, we should regularly clean them. It might seem like a tedious task, but it should be a weekly part of our skin care routine, such as our weekly facials.


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Tips On How To Clean Makeup Brushes

How Often Should You Clean Makeup Brushes?

How Often Should You Clean Makeup Brushes? #weeklycleaningbrushes #monthlycleaning
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One of the most natural questions that come to your mind is how often to wash makeup brushes. First things first, it should be pointed out that it all depends upon how often you use those brushes. Those who use their brush kit on a daily basis are advised to clean them at least a couple of times a month. However, experts say that washing your brushes every 10 days is the best thing you can do to keep both your skin and the tools clean.


What Happens If You Don't Clean Makeup Brushes?

What Happens If You Don't Clean Makeup Brushes? #healthskin #acneprevention
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Some of you may think that there is nothing terrible about not washing your brushes since you do not use them to apply anything other than your makeup. Considering such a response, we are ready to present all the things that may happen if you don’t wash your tools regularly:

  • You will clog your pores due to the dirt and leftover makeup residing on the brush;
  • Your makeup will look worse and worse with every next application since the brushes will be dirty and won’t fulfill their functions correctly.
  • Conjunctivitis may be a result of an unwashed brush shared with a friend of yours;
  • Skin irritation is also a result from using dirty brushes;
  • You will end up buying new brushes twice as soon;
  • Premature aging is also one of the outcomes that dirty brushes can lead to;

Still doubt as to whether or not you should wash your brushes?

How To Clean Your Beauty Blenders And Makeup Sponges

How To Clean Your Beauty Blenders And Makeup Sponges #blenderscleaning #spongescleaning
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It is true that most of you are using not only the brushes to put their makeup on but also the beauty blenders and other sorts of sponges. So, how to clean makeup sponges? One of the best ways that we would definitely advise is an electronic brush cleaner. However, if you can’t afford one, a cleanser soap bar will do as well.


Must-Try Makeup Brush Cleansers

Heavy Duty Cleanser - Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleanser - Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner #professionalcleanser

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When you are in a rush, but you need your brushes both clean and dry in no time, makeup brush cleaner is the perfect product to have at hand. It will clean both synthetic and natural brushes effectively.


Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo

Ecotools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo #ecoshampoocleancer #ecobrushcleancer

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If you need a reliable makeup brush shampoo that is able to take care of your spongers and beauty blenders as well, then Ecotools shampoo is the one to consider.

Japonesque Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner - Deep Clean Quick-Dry

Japonesque Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner #spraycleanser

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If you do not want to spend time on washing your brushes, there is a way to spray all the dirt away. All you need is a bottle of Japonesque brush cleaner at hand!

Tools That'll Make Cleaning Brushes A Lot Easier


Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat #cleaningbrushmat

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The beauty of this mat lies in its versatility. It can be used for cleansing of any brush type. Besides, it can be fitted to any sink size. Isn’t this beautiful and practical at once? We think it is!

Color Switcher

Color Switcher #switchercleansertool

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This is clearly an item that any makeup bag should include. This is the best way to clean your brushes when you are on-the-go. Besides, unique formula makes it suitable for cleaning powdered as well as liquid products off the brush.

Makeup Brush Drying Rack

Makeup Brush Drying Rack #dryingrack

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It is essential not only to clean your brushes in a correct way but dry them out properly too. Such a drying rack is clearly a good investment if you want your brushes to serve you the longest.


How To Clean Makeup Brushes Easily At Home

How to Clean Makeup Brushes Easily at Home
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Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important makeup tips you should remember. Infections can easily spread from our eyes to our makeup via our makeup brushes. The following tutorial on how to wash your makeup brushes will be huge help and should become a part of your weekly skin care regimen.

We do wear down our brushes every time we apply some glam but heavy makeup, like smokey eye. Washing your makeup brushes can prevent the spread of eye infections such as conjunctivitis and pink eye and can also extend their lifespan. It only takes a few minutes!


Method One: DIY Gentle Method How To Wash Makeup Brushes

Pour a tablespoon of baby shampoo into a small bowl with warm water and mix until its bubbly. Dip your used makeup brushes one at a time into the bowl, giving them a gentle swirl scraping the bottom of the bowl to remove the entire product. Let the brushes soak in the water as you add the next brush. Let them soak for about 10 seconds and then rinse one at a time under cold water to remove any remaining residue and to reseal the brush hairs. Then, with the help of your fingers, gently shape each brush until it looks like new.

Clean Your Brushes Properly
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Method Two: Heavy Cleaning Method For Makeup Brushes

Purchase a professional makeup cleaning brush at your local beauty store or online. Then spray all of your brushes until completely soaked. You should start with your blush and foundation brushes as these generally have much residue. Then rub the head of the brush back and forth over a paper towel until all of the product and residue are removed. Then do the same with your remaining makeup brushes.


After washing, rinse your brushes with lukewarm water, holding the brush so that the bristles are pointing downward. Avoid getting the water where the handle and hairs of the brushes meet, or you’ll weaken the glue and, therefore, damage the brush. If the water is not clear, you may need to clean and rinse your brush again.


How to Dry Your Makeup Brushes After Washing

You should allow your brushes to dry overnight. Prop them at a downward angle on a dry piece of cloth for the water to drop out of the brushes. Also, if you live in a more humid climate, you should let them dry for 24 hours before the next use.

You can spray your brushes regularly with a disinfectant spray to keep them clean between washings.

It is not recommended to let your makeup brushes dry in an upright, standing position, as water will break down the glue that holds the base of the brush and will cause the hairs to break off.

To dry them properly, fold a paper towel in half three times to make a crease and then unfold it once. Slide a bigger brush or object to create a see-saw effect and balance the other brushes across the crease so that the brush head points downward, but does not touch the napkin. Let them dry overnight and make sure they are completely dry before using again.

If you do not want to waste any time while setting your brushes into the right position when using a paper towel, there is another way out. You can get yourself a brush drying rack, which will keep your brushes in the proper way while they are drying out so that no damage is caused.

Is It Possible To Wash The Brushes In A Washing Machine?

Is It Possible To Wash The Brushes In A Washing Machine? #canicleanbrushes #howtoclean
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When you think about all the possible ways of how to wash makeup brushes at home, the first thing that comes to mind is to use a washing machine. However, that will be the worst and sadly the last thing you would do to your brushes. The heat and the process of machine wash are not suitable for makeup brushes. It is a short way to ruin your brushes rather than to clean them.

Know When To Replace Your Makeup Brushes

Know When to Replace Your Makeup Brushes
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If you notice that the bristles are starting to shed, or if you see any cracks in the brush, it is time to buy the new one. As well, if the brush is not coming clean after repeated washings, it is a sign that it is time to replace the brush. You can purchase quality makeup brushes at your local beauty store or online. However, properly cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will extend their lifespan!


FAQ: How To Clean Makeup Brushes

What should you clean makeup brushes with?

Brush bristles can be effectively cleaned with mild shampoos like baby shampoo. A blend of dish soap and grapeseed oil is another common homemade brush cleaner. The dish soap will destroy bacteria, while the oil will effectively break down any product that has built up in the brush.

How do you clean makeup brushes with vinegar and Dawn?

A cup of hot water, a tablespoon of white vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap are added to the mixture. After that, you dip your brushes into the solution.

Does vinegar ruin makeup brushes?

In addition, vinegar acts as a natural anti-bacterial, preventing germs and fungus from growing on brushes. It won’t break the bristles or distort the shape of the brush because it’s mild. Add 2 teaspoons of vinegar to a cup of hot water to make the solution. Dip the brush in the solution, swirl it around and then rinse it off.

  • A makeup brush is a tool with bristles, used for the application of makeup or face painting. The bristles may be made out of natural or synthetic materials, while the handle is usually made out of plastic or wood. Source
  • Makeup artists and dermatologists answer our questions about makeup-brush cleansing. Discover how to clean yours, how often, and which products are the most effective. Source