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Matching The Color With The Graduation Gown

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Blue Lace Short Graduation Dress Design #bluedress

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When choosing dresses for the graduation ceremony, first of all, take into account the color and design of the graduation gown suggested by the special committee of your educational establishment. Traditionally, the graduation robe is in black. However, not every educational establishment uses this particular color. Every educational establishment has its own colors, so the committee might pick one of these colors for this year’s robes.

In case the robe is extremely light, it is advisable not to go for dark graduation dresses to wear under the gown. You might wish to stay away from prints, as well because it will probably be seen through the light fabric. But of course, if the suggested by the committee robe is in a dark color or its fabric is rather thick, there are no limits to the choice of color for your dress.

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Blush Graduation Dress With Lace Flowers #laceflowers

Short Graduation Dress With Gold Belt #vneckdress
White Long Lace Dress #whitegraduationdress

There are many graduation dress ideas, but you should think through your overall image first because it will dictate the design of your gown. Returning to the aspect of the dress color, besides matching your robe, the dress color would better be modest rather than screaming. It’s a formal event after all.

So, graduation dresses white, pale yellow, silver, peach, lilac, black, blue, gray, pink, light green, etc. are to go for. Sophisticated ivory and white are also acceptable.

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