Eye-Catching Designs For Fun Summer Nails

Totally Hip Ideas for Summer Nails

Summer nails are a fun way to show off your individual style and personality. From sunflowers to beachy designs to bright neons or pretty pastels, there are a ton of quite amazing summer nail art looks from which to choose.


If you are looking for cute nails designs for summer, you have come to the right place. We have put together a visual of our favorite designs for nails to sport in summer. We are sure that you will be able to find simple and fun DIY summer nail art.

Choose one of these summer nail art designs to find which one best matches your style! You can tweak them to make them your own. So, grab your favorite nail polish colors and nail art tools and get to work!

Bright Rainbow Ombre Nails

Source: clairestelle8 via Instagram

This bright rainbow ombre nail art idea looks truly fantastic. These colors complement each other nicely. How do you think, isn’t it perfect for the summertime?


Dreamy Dandelions Nail Design

Source: ruthsnailart via Instagram

Dandelions are not often noticed in nail design ideas. So, we can tell you that this nail art is practically one of a kind. Pink hues and glitter make this design stand out.


Funny Orange Floral Pattern

Source: polishcandies via Instagram

White nail polish is a classy option. If you wish your manicure to appear more exciting, spice it up with bright yellow and orange floral accents. This nail design is so summery.


Sweet Ice Cream Nail Art

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

Do you like ice cream? Today people who have a sweet tooth can show off their food preferences via nail art. Believe us, you won’t meet another person with such a tasty nail design.


Stylish Tribal Summer Nails

Source: ana0m via Instagram

Tribal patterns become more and more popular with every season. This nail art idea is cool and trendy with its subtle pink base color and more vivid tribal accents.

Stunning Red Anchor Nails

Source: lacktuel via Instagram

Is your vacation soon? Let us celebrate this moment. Ask your manicurist for a nail design like this and all eyes will be on your nails. A red anchor is what makes it fab.

Blue and White Nail Art

Source: nogtiinminsk via Instagram

This pretty blue and white summer nails design is artsy and chic. All you need is a soft shade of blue, creamy white, and sparkly silver polish. Simply use a nail art tape to achieve the silver lines. This look is perfect for everywhere as well as a special occasion.


Fun & Fruity Nails

Source: hannahroxit via Instagram

Choose your favorite summer fruits (kiwi, lemon, lime, etc.) and paint them on each nail tip. Apply over a glossy base to really let them shine!

Pastel Rainbows

Source: irinachabrova_nailsart via Instagram

Speaking of pastels, check out these gorgeous rainbow nails. Paint each nail in a different shade of a delicate pastel for a fun rainbow effect!

Ornate Moons

Source: sveta_liber_nail via Instagram

We love these bright orange nails with silver sparkly half moons on the accent nails. The best part is that this look works great on shorter nails, as well!


Neon Half Nails

Source: essex_nails via Instagram

Soft neon tones are perfect for summer! We adore these striped half nails with a neon green base and alternating bright neon shades on the other half of the nail.

Soft Ombre Rainbow

Source: ane_li via Instagram

This subtle pastel rainbow ombre is quite stunning. We especially love the matte top coat to give it an extra look!

Neon Pink Chevron Nails

Source: aanchysnails via Instagram

Chevron nails are all the rage right now. With its white base and neon chevron stripes, these nails are totally trendy!


Metallic Reverse French Mani

Source: sohotrightnail via Instagram

This fun takes on a reverse French mani is totally cute and girly. With bright summer colors and pretty metallic crescents, these nails scream fun in the sun!

Pretty Pastel Floral Nails

Source: nails_by_cindy via Instagram

Choose your favorite pastel shade as a base and then paint pretty flowers in various colors on each nail. Or even just on your ring finger for a fun and dainty summer look!

Summery Polka Dot Design

Source: alinapinuccia via Instagram

This pretty pink shade with golden polka dots is classy and chic!


Awesome Anchors

Source: melcisme via Instagram

Choose your favorite summer shade as a base and then paint a sparkly silver or gold anchor on one finger. For a more striking effect, paint one finger the same shade as the anchor. Anchors away for a fun summer look!

Sunny Summer Nail Art

Source: siljesnaglar via Instagram

These gorgeous nails with a white color and delicate floral designs just scream summer fun!

Pink & Gold Nails

Source: amcpolish via Instagram

This pink color with golden sparkly designs is totally nice and girly!


Pretty Pineapples

Source: blognailedit via Instagram

Choose soft pink and lavender shades for your base color and accentuate your ring and middle fingers with purple pineapples. Add some contrast yellow dots on the other nails. These mani look good enough to eat!

Whacky Watermelons

Source: blognailedit via Instagram

This look with dripping watermelon is just adorable. Paint variety watermelon stripes on each finger and then add juicy drops on the tips to top off this whacky nail art style!

Summery French Tips

Source: karengnails via Instagram

Another fun take on the French mani is this pretty look with pastel tips and a gold tip. This look is both fun and elegant for summer nights!


Beautiful Butterfly Art

Source: uglyducklingnails via Instagram

These gorgeous glitter butterflies with charms accents on a white or nude base are beyond gorgeous!

Stunning Starfish

Source: lacquershots via Instagram

We love this soft blue and white gradient base with golden starfish and specks that look like you just walked out of the ocean!

Romantic Summer Nights

Source: Sassyshelly

These gorgeous orange and yellow tones look just like a tropical summer sunset. We love the black palm tree on one finger on each hand.


Wild Waves

Source: i_annylook via Instagram

If you love the ocean, you’ll flip over these fun waves. Deep dark blue and swirly waves with silver sparks on a light blue or white base are absolutely breathtaking!

Simple Chevron

Source: beautyaddictedd via Instagram

This festive and easy nail design is so cute. Choose pastel and glitter shades and create simple patterns with chevron nail stencils.

Golden Waves

Source: snailvinyls via Instagram

Look at this amazing beach manicure! This holographic beauty color is warm and calm. Combine white and gold shades to recreate the waves and the sand.


Black Hearts Nail Art

Source: katy.yakovleva.nails via Instagram

These small black hearts are so feminine and cute. Try this mani for any occassion.

Palm Tree Inspiration

Source: nailscope via Instagram

Palm tree nail art is the trendiest pattern of this season. Your mani will be perfect!

Little Mermaid Nails

Source: nails_bychels via Instagram

If you are in love with mermaid themes in manicure, then you will surely appreciate this idea. The thing is that such blue and silver nails are more than perfect for summer spent at the beach. Cute little mermaid-shaped stickers will only intensify the charm.


Holographic Wavy Gradient

Source: nails_bychels via Instagram

Those of you who do not like to experiment with complex designs but are looking for trendy manicure ideas – you have come to the right place. This wavy holo gradient suits the description perfectly. See for yourself!

Sea Mood Nail Art Designs

Source: lieve91 via Instagram

Sometimes it feels like there is not enough of the sea in your like. If that is your case, introduce the sea into your mani. Beautiful blue to white ombre and intricate shell decorative elements will let you achieve the goal.

Pink Flamingo Nail Design

Source: nailartemarilia via Instagram

Summer is all about vibrant colors; we all know that. That is why we suggest you spice your nails up with some bright pink nail polish and creative pink flamingo accent.


Floral Watermarble Nail Art

Source: aanchysnails via Instagram

If you are looking for a design that no one would be able to replicate, then you should try the water marble technique out. Choose your favorite summer colors and set your imagination free!

Bright Abstracted Nails

Source: lori_nails via Instagram

You do not need floral designs to introduce some brightness to your nails. Abstract nail art in bright shades looks as summery and vibrant, so why not to give it a try?

Chic Gold And White Mani

Source: home_of_deva via Instagram

Very often, you may hear that summer is the season of bright nails. We have nothing against it, but we think that other designs have the right to exist too. That is why if bright is not your cup of tea, then this chic white and gold mani for mid-length nails is what you need.


Tropic Sunset Nail Art

Source: home_of_deva via Instagram

Combining tropical nails with dark shades is not only possible but also exquisite-looking. One look at this tropical sunset combined with black manicure will prove the point!

Red Flowers Nail Design

Source: elle_nail via Instagram

Some colors and patterns are trendy no matter the season. The combo of red flowers and white base belongs to the category; there is no doubt about it!

Abstracted Colorful Nail Art

Source: copycatclaws via Instagram

Truth be told, a precise floral manicure is not for everyone. If you are longing for something more abstract – we have it covered! This bright watercolor manicure combined with flower outlines suits the goal perfectly!


Matte Triangular Nails Design

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Geometrical patterns are more than popular at the moment. That is why if you want to decorate your nails with something bright and trendy but both fitting the formal environment – we have a look in store. The subtleness of colors suits the office, while the choice of shades and patterns intertwined brings out the style.

Silver Dots And Stripes

Source: urbannailart via Instagram

You can never go wrong with stripes and dots when it comes to a trendy but simple mani. All you need are the properly chosen colors. In this case, the combo of white, silver, and bright blue is the killer one!

Flamingo And Ombre Nails Design

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

If you can’t choose between two shades of the same color use - them both! Gentle blue ombre with cute flamingos over will steal the heart even of the pickiest nail addicts among you!


Unicorn Nail Design

Source: nails_bychels via Instagram

There is nothing wrong with you if you want to escape the hectic reality at least for a while. What is more, we have a perfect idea in mind how you can achieve the goal! Spice your nails up with holo unicorns and every time you look at your nails; you enter the sweet world of a magical fairytale!

Floral Striped Pattern

Source: nails_bychels via Instagram

There is no such thing as too many flowers, especially if they are cute and tiny. Add some floral stamping to your next manicure and catch that summer vibe!

Rainbow Glitter Mix And Iridescent Flakies

Source: ailpolishsociety via Instagram

Summer nail art does not need to be complex to fit in the season. All you need is a nice white nail polish combined with different-shaded sparkles to achieve the goal. As simple as that!


Tropic Leaves Nail Pattern

Source: nailpolishsociety via Instagram

Getting ready for the summer vacation? Make sure that your nail design corresponds with the event. We suggest you opt for a bright and trendy tropical leafy pattern; there is not a single chance you can go wrong with it.

Sparkly Butterfly Nail Art

Source: nailpolishsociety via Instagram

Do you know what represents summer as good as flowers? Butterflies! Look at this amazing sparkly manicure idea taken to the next level of cute with bright butterfly stickers to make up your mind.

To The Moon And Back

Source: tanya_wish via Instagram

Galaxy manicure is very requested at the moment. However, you can experiment with modern trends by using classic colors. Red, white, and black are the ones you need to come up with this fabulous and elegant mani!


Plumeria Nail Art

Source: tanya_wish via Instagram

There are so many various flowers to introduce into your nail art. For instance, this lovely and intricate plumeria. What do you think?

Rainbow Gradient Flowers

Source: mdollasnails via Instagram

If you are driven by the thought – the more, the better, we have something stored for you too. The brightest ombre turned into gorgeous floral gradient won’t leave anyone indifferent!

We hope you love our ideas for summer nails as much as we do! With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about summer fun! Don those sunglasses, dig out your flip-flops and put on your favorite sundress for some fun in the sun! Don’t forget the sunscreen!