The power of blue hues can hardly be understated. The vast plethora of tints and tones to experiment with makes it possible for everyone to settle on their perfect blue color. Such an approach ensures that blue nails are among the most requested for designs.


Blue nails designs can indeed take the central stage and run the show, as well as play the supportive role. Thus, the number of cute blue nails is only growing. To prove the point, we will share with you this trendy seasonal blue nail collection that anyone can benefit from.

Blue French Tips

Once you decide that you wish to acquire one of the intricate and famous designs that acrylic blue nails represent, there is a list of things to consider. First things first, the shade, shape, and length are the primary parameters to set your mind upon. Even something as classy as blue French tip nails opens up such horizons that you haven't known existed. You can pursue the universal blue and white nails, or you can experiment with two-toned tips, sparkles, swirls, and whatnot. Keep in mind that blue suits most styles and environments too.



Blue Glitter Nails


Blue Nail Designs for Coffin Nails


Coffin nails have won over the hearts of many. The boldness of the shape and the significant number of possibilities to test play a vital part in the immense popularity spike. Thus, blue nails ideas can't leave ballerina nails unnoticed. In fact, there are countless options ranging from coffin baby blue nails to abstract and classy designs. No matter the pattern you prefer, it needs to be mentioned that light blue hues are often associated with health, softness, and understanding. At the same time, deeper shades of blue are all about knowledge and power. Depending upon the goal you pursue, you may take the distinction into consideration.


Matte Blue Nails


Blue Water Marble Nail Designs


Acrylic nails are a great chance to sport longer tips when you can't grow out your own nails for various reasons. You don't have to go extra long to test the power of acrylic nails. These days, even short and medium tips are created using the method. In either case, when you are brooding upon the design to sport with acrylic nails, blue marble nails are definitely on the list. Sky blue nails can represent a sunset or sunrise – whichever you prefer, all due to the extensive possibilities of mesmerizing transformation that the marble effect offers.


Floral Blue Nails

Ombre Blue Nails


Blue ombre nails indeed deserve increased attention. All due to the fact that you can use two favorite shades to express your mood and intentions even better. You can match your light blue nails and blue sky nails with darker hues without raising any negative emotions. What is more, blue shades are known to signify importance and boost confidence. Aside from that, you can top the mentioned qualities with stability and intelligence to create a more personal representation of yourself. On a slightly less bright side, some sources claim blue to be reserved to masculinity, yet the era of stereotypes is almost over, so you have nothing to worry about.

Pastel Baby Blue Nails


No matter how much you are drawn to coffin blue nails, you may feel a little reluctant to pull off one of the boldest patterns there is. That is why we rush to inform you that light blue acrylic nails are no less stunning and versatile. Should you wonder what can blue acrylic nails potentially stand for, the hue is known to bring peace of mind and enhance one's religious or spiritual beliefs. Aside from that, in many cultures, light blue is believed to scare evil spirits and negativity away. Lastly, you shouldn't forget that there is always 'something blue' that a bride-to-be is supposed to have, which defines love and dedication.


Dark Blue Designs for Nails


The versatility of dark blue nails knows no boundaries. They come in such an extensive range of tints that there is something special for each and every one of you. Whether these are glittering navy blue nails or matte royal blue nails – you name it, and the nail artist will have a few samples for you to choose from, that is for sure. Yet, an important thing to remember when you are opting for darker blue shades is that the color is filled with a dynamic and dramatic vibe. If you don't want to attract unnecessary attention, it is advised to reconsider the color. Another warning sign would be that too much of the dark blue would create a halo of coldness around you. If that is not your initial intention, you may want to dissolve the palette with some warmer tones.

Combination of Blue Shades


Ombre nails aren't the only option when it comes to blue palette collaboration. Countless designs involve blue coffin nails along with other shapes and create an unimaginable effect when matched together. For instance, white and blue nails will serve as a balanced combo to emphasize your tranquility. Yet, pink and blue nails would add a creatine note to your persona. Besides, you can always depict a light to dark transition on your tips and express your open mind.