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Natural Blonde Hair With Layers

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Natural Blonde Hair With Layers #blondehair #longhair

There are times when it is challenging to say goodbye to your natural locks, and there is nothing wrong with it since natural looks are in trend these days. However, a beautiful layered cut together with some blonde highlighting will only enhance your natural beauty and will take it to the next level.

Long Layered Hair With A Drop Of Honey

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Long Layered Hair With A Drop Of Honey #balayagehair

There is no better way to emphasize your new haircut other than with some trendy-shaded balayage. In case you are trying to attract too much attention then subtle honey colored balayage will do the trick.

Layered Wavy Locks With Highlights

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Layered Wavy Locks With Highlights #balayagehair

The transition from dark to light is never smooth, and in case this is your situation, we would advise you to start off with blonde highlights. The thing is that highlights look marvelous on contrasting hair color and the further transition to blonde will be much easier not to mention less damaging. On the other hand, maybe you will fall in love with this look so that you will keep it.

Layered Silver Temptation

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Layered Silver Temptation #silverhair

In case you always dreamed about being a princess we know how to help you ensure that with hair color. All you need to do is to add some frosty silver touch to your layered mane and enhance the look with light waves to look royal-like!

Pastel Unicorn Layers

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Pastel Unicorn Layers #pinkhair

Experimenting with colors is on the edge of popularity nowadays. That is why if you are trying to pull off something unusual but not over the edge – unicorn-shaded layered hairstyle is undoubtedly what you need.

Dusty Rose Long Layered Hair

Source: bescene via Instagram

Dusty Rose Long Layered Hair #rosehair

Pink shades are definitely cute, but when it comes to dusty rose hues, they are just irresistible. What is more, in combination with long layered hair you will look other-worldly and magical. There is no way you won’t stand out in the crowd with the hair magical like that!

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