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Floral Centerpieces

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Imagine a beautiful feasting table with a fancy tablecloth and your self-made easter decorations on it. Who said that traditions can’t be stylish? Make your own palette of flowers: put some pink, yellow and white asters together to create an exquisite floral centerpiece. Based on your apartment layout you can make an ideal decorating detail, don’t be shy to show that you have a good taste!

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You can also combine two Easter symbols into one creative DIY and put pink roses and white lavender on a bundle of eggs, it would be a cool twofer for your tablescape: the symbolism and fashion in their purest form.

Do you like minimalism? If you are into that, you can put white peonies or roses in white or glass vase. It will look fantastic, as simplicity is an invaluable design feature. But don’t be too minimal! Remember that there always must be an eye-catching detail in your composition.

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