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Striped Nail Designs

Source: Panibratova via Instagram

Striped Summer Nail Designs

This look is elegant and classy. The pretty blue polish is dressy, and the white tip and sparkly bow design on the big toe give this design a sophisticated look!

White Floral Nail Art

Source: make_up_princess1993 via Instagram

White Floral Nail Art

If you love floral toe nail designs, this look is for you! The matte gray and pink polish is very subtle. The pretty flower on the big toe dresses it up for a look that’s girly and chic!

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Source: sasha686rus via Instagram

Butterfly Colorful Nail Art

Butterflies are so pretty! This cute pink to orange ombre fade is bright and cheery, and the matching butterfly on the big toe is super girly!

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