Tips on How to Be Awesome

Do you want to be known as the most amazing girl on your campus or in your office? Do you want to be the most awesome girl in your circle of friends and amongst your peers? Then make sure to read the following article on how to be awesome!


Every girl wants to be popular and wear a bitch face, whether she is willing to openly admit it or not. You’ve got style and class, but you’re not really sure if you’ve got what it takes to be this awe-inspiring, amazing girl that everyone wants to know. No worries, we have some expert advice for you on how to be awesome!

Beautiful women know what they want. Whether you want to be known as the “It Girl” in your group of friends or catch the eye of the cutest guy in your class, the following advice on how to be awesome will help you stand out from the crowd!

Be Yourself

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The best piece of advice we can give you on how to be awesome is to remain true to yourself. Don’t change anything about yourself to suit others, unless it is genuinely in your best interest. There is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself, but you should never compromise your values, morals or integrity to try to fit in. Simply let your inner beauty shine through and people will be drawn to you likes flies to honey!


Be Kind

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Kindness never goes out of style. In the media we often seen the popular girls as those who are bitchy and mean to others, but this just doesn’t work in real life. You should definitely stand up for yourself and speak your mind, but you need to do it with kindness and compassion. Treat others with the same respect that you wish to be treated.

Stay on Top of Current Events

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An intelligent, well-informed woman will go far in life. Again, in media, the ditzy girls always seem to be in the spotlight, but in reality, it takes a girl with brains to succeed. We aren’t saying you have to constantly go around spouting bits of knowledge and useless trivia, but it can’t hurt to stay on top of current events. If you have a brain don’t be afraid to use it! Intelligence is a turn-on!


Go Out of Your Way to be Seen

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If you sit at home all the time, no one is going to notice you so you need to get out there and mingle. Find the hottest spot in town and make an entrance, Scope out the coolest party and show up with style. Make sure that you are seen in the most popular spots around town. Don’t be a wallflower, go out there and be seen!

Dress the Part

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Take pride in your appearance. Dress with style. Stay on top of the latest trends and styles. Or be bold and daring and create a style of your own! Experiment with the latest hairstyle and makeup trends. Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself to some cute new outfits.

Also, don’t forget that personal hygiene is the key. Shower every day and spritz on a little perfume. Make sure your teeth are sparkling white and your breath is always minty-fresh. Carry a toothbrush and some toothpaste in your purse along with breath minds. No one likes bad breath. And always carry your lip gloss so you can readily apply it when needed. You never know when you are going to run into someone so always make sure that your looks are on point at all times!


Be Confident

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Confidence is the key to success. Carry yourself with pride and confidence. A little self-assurance will go a long way in making new friends. However, do not be conceited or cocky. Be confident and kind. Even if you aren’t feeling particularly self-assured at the moment, act as though you are on top of the world. Others will be naturally drawn to your confidence.

Be Positive

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Nobody likes a “Debbie-Downer.” If you walk around in a bad mood and acting as if the weight of the world were on your shoulders, people will tend to avoid you. Keep a positive and upbeat attitude at all times. Smile as though you don’t have a care in the world. Happiness is contagious! Soon everyone will want to be your friend because you are always happy and fun to be around!

Be Unique

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No one ever stood out from the crowd by blending in. Don’t be afraid to let your unique qualities stand out. Flaunt those qualities that make you different from everyone else. Who knows, you might even start a new trend or two! Everyone will want to be like you!


Be Honest

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If you want to be popular, you need to be honest at all times. If you are fake, people will see right through your act. Don’t be phony and don’t say what you think others want to hear. Offer your sincere and honest opinion and again, do it with kindness. Honesty is a rare trait in today’s world so if you are truthful, you will attract the right type of people and you will be admired by all!

Treat Others With Respect

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We can’t stress this enough. You must treat others with the same kindness and respect that you would like. Be kind, caring and generous. However, do not allow yourself to be used. Set boundaries and learn to say “no” if you don’t feel comfortable with a situation. Again, kindness is the key. If people see that you are treating everyone around you with the same degree of kindness and respect, they will admire you and want to get to know you better!

And there you have it! Simple, expert advice on how to be awesome! If you follow these ten tips, you will be the most amazing girl in the world! So what are you waiting for, girl? Go out there and be seen!