Smokey Eye Ideas & Looks To Steal From Celebrities

Exquisite Smokey Eye Looks

Every lady knows what a smokey eye look is that is for sure. However, not all of you may know that this look dates as far back as to Ancient Egypt, so it safe to say that Egyptians invented this sassy look. Truth be told, there is not that much left of the original design, but it is safe to say that this makeup technique became only better over the years. These days smokey eye makeup can be worn even on an everyday basis, all you need to do is to come up with a proper set of color to use. What is more, today we are going to reveal all the best smokey looks that are going to rock in 2019. Do not miss it!

Newest Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas

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In the Middle Ages, dark eye makeup went out because powdered wigs and pale complexion came in. And then this trend could be relegated to the dustbin of history but, luckily for us modern fashionistas, it was saved by performers in the theatre. Performers used vivid makeup to be seen from afar. Then such makeup was imported into motion pictures.


Dark Colors For Smokey Eyes

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In the beginning of the 20s century, a young guy Max Factor improved the quality of beauty products and invented our beloved word – "makeup."


Smokey Eyes Ideas In Soft Colors

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At the peak of the popularity of silent movies, women began to copy the beauty trends they observed on the screen. At that same time, scientists discovered the Tutankhamun’s tomb, which led to the emergence of Egyptian-mania. Thus, in the 1960-s, dark eye makeup experienced a huge comeback.


Stunning Smokey Eyes Makeup Ideas

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Brigitte Bardot became the first icon of the smokey back then. And due to Mary Quant’s lipsticks and eyeshadow collections, women had a possibility to copy their favorite smokey look.

And the smokey look as we know it now appeared in the 1990-s and stayed in ever since.

As you can see, the history behind the smokey look is quite exciting. And we got so inspired that we created the whole photo gallery with the trendiest smoky eye looks of today. Let’s explore them!


Cute Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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First of all, you need to know how to get rid of dark circles as they can ruin the whole magic of your makeup. A bit of concealer will help to erase the unnecessary dark circles under your eyes.

Pretty Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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Even natural makeup requires using the correct products. Luckily, for the perfect smokey, there are not so many tools required. A large blending brush, a smaller one, and a flat brush. That’s it!

Elegant Smokey Eye Makeup

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These days not only classic smokey is trendy. You can always add a modern twist by using some brighter eyeshadow. For example, purple smokey will perfectly represent the summer mood.


Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

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If you have the urge to intensify your smokey look, then this hack is totally for you. Use the eye pencil as a base. Smudge the black pencil over the lid, add the eyeshadow and blend.

Amazing Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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We all have different eye shapes. That is why consider the smokey makeup that flatters your shape. Replicating something alien to your shape may lead to a bad result.

Gorgeous Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

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Remember that there are no limits when it comes to the makeup. Of course, there are basic shades that are considered to be classic, but who sets the limits? Don’t be afraid of experimenting!


Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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You may be surprised when we tell you that trying to achieve the flawless look is a bad idea. But that is true. No matter how weird it sounds, but perfection lies in the slight imperfection.

Stunning Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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You shouldn’t forget that the waterline matters. Do not restrict yourself with only black or white waterline. Depending on the makeup shades, you can go for any suitable color.

Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

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When working on your smokey look, bear in mind not to rush. Sounds silly, but it is really important since a rush move can force you to re-do the whole thing. Keep calm and work slowly.


Celebrities With Smokey Eyes Makeup

Soft & Shimmery Smokey

Our favorite celebrities will always be the best source of inspiration. Isn’t that wise to steal the looks of those who always look flawless? Let’s take a soft smokey look of iconic Lily Collins! Two matching brown colors that gently blend with one another and get finished with a shimmery touch. Not only does the look accentuate her elegant outfit but also enliven her eyes.

Source: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Classic Black Smokey Eyes With Nude Lips

When going for classics, it’s very important to keep the look balanced and authentic. Well, Cher Lloyd’s makeup artist is undoubtedly familiar with this smokey rule. The classic idea of black smokey eyes is kept minimalist and restrained with the help of nude finish. In this way, the singer focuses on her perfectly blended, precise makeup while looking punky yet harmonic.

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Subtle Brown Smokey With Black Eyeliner

Let’s be honest, Gigi Hadid is a living example of makeup perfection. The model loves looking natural, and her subtle brown smokey look does stick to the effortlessness. To enhance the look, she finished her subtle play of brown eyeshadow with a slight touch of eyeliner.

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Blue Smokey Eyes With Black Smudge Line

You can always play around with colors, remember? Needless to say, Katy Perry never forgets about that. This blue smokey is very affectionate and distinctive at the same time, thanks to the black smudge line. So as not to make her eyes look smaller with a light blend of vivid color, she went for the black finish, thus accentuating the whole look as well.

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Cat Eyes Smokey With Red Lipstick Makeup

Emily Ratajkowski goes on impressing us with unbelievably sexy looks. And the same goes for her makeup looks, of course! The smokey eyes that hit her crease forming a cat-eye shape go ravishingly with her classy red lipstick. Simple and breathtaking, who could ask for more?

Source: DFree/Shutterstock

Shimmery Smokey Eyes With Eyeliner

Many people wonder how to do eye makeup like Mila Kunis because her eyes are always so gorgeous, whatever movie is on. Here you can reveal one of her secrets: her makeup artist enhances her look by focusing deeply on her crease. As for this particular look, it’s stunning for many reasons: it’s precise, shiny, and it really suits the actress’s eye shape!

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Shiny Smokey Eyes With Nude Lipstick

Olivia Wilde’s eye shape allows her to slay cameras with a seductive glance. And it’s not hard to notice that most her looks feature smokey eyes: this eye makeup idea knows how to get the most out of her appearance. Here you can see her wearing a shiny caramel-inspired smokey with a soft black smudge and feminine nude finish on her lips.

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Matte & Burgundy Smokey Eyes

Kristen Stewart never loses an opportunity to rock a smokey look, as it appears to be very flattering to her eyes. And this time, she decided to go different by showing up with a matte burgundy smokey as the main and only color. Bold and gold, huh? Source: magicinfoto/Shutterstock

Glittery Smokey Eyes Makeup

A red-carpet smokey look. Why not? When some special occasion is just around the corner, and you want your look to be posh and rich, smokey eyes will be there for you. Make sure to copy this Zara Larsson’s look: her pointed, glittery eye makeup with saturated black smudge is to die for. Source: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Sparkly & Glam Smokey Eyes

Beyonce is a real queen. A queen who knows that when she’s about to wear an updo that keeps her face open, the right eye makeup is crucial. And this striking glam smokey with sparkles give the needed definition to her eyes, making the whole look simply perfect. Source: JStone/Shutterstock