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Floral Purple Nail Designs

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There are so many ways how you can embellish your purple nails, and adding floral patterns is among the most popular ideas. It is easy to integrate flowers into any nail art. Plus, who doesn’t love flowers? Floral patterns ooze some feminine vibes, making your overall image much cuter.

Purple nail designs with florals have been in fashion for a while already, and this trend is unlikely to go anywhere in the nearest future. Flowers combined with purple hues are simply magical. In case you are one of the babes who have artistic nature, then such nail art will be to your taste.

Purple Nails With Stamping Technique

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Nowadays nail stamping technique is really BIG. Stamping lets you create detailed pieces of art in a blink of an eye. This process is much quicker, compared with hand painting. Plus, a design is much more likely to turn out good. In case you’re not familiar with this technique yet, here are the basics. For stamping, you need a stamper, opaque nail lacquer, a scraper, nail lacquer remover, a stamping plate that you prefer, removal pad or wipe that is lint-free. On a stamping plate, paint any design. Use a scraper for scraping the extra nail lacquer off the stamping plate. Roll a stamp all over the stamping plate quickly. Transfer this stamp to your nail. Of course, the first stamp won’t be ideal, and neither will be the second one. This technique requires some practice and patience. But once you master it, you’ll be able to pull off any nail art.

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