Powerful Strategies For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Some Valuable Strategies for a Guaranteed Weight Loss

Does a guaranteed weight loss seem to be unbelievable? Shading off the extra pounds is a tough job that sometimes might require you to sacrifice the favorite dishes, stay hungry and go through a rigorous work out plan. But if the entire process is planned very carefully, you will find it much easier. Along with that, the other necessary thing is the strong determination.


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If these two things are planned properly, you can easily come to the shape you are dreaming. Here are some of the powerful strategies for a guaranteed weight loss, so follow them and achieve your goal.

Start the Day With Lukewarm Lemon Water

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How to lose weight really fast? This is the question asked by most of the obese youngsters. This is the first step in losing extra fat soon and in a healthy way. Start to drink one glass of lemon water every day on an empty stomach. This drink works as a detox drink that helps a lot for weight loss. Lemon contains a huge amount of vitamin C and other antioxidants that all together flush out all toxins from your body and thus improve the metabolism rate. Also, lemon provides all nutrients for the body along with suppressing the weight gain process. Take half lemon and squeeze it in a glass of lukewarm water. You can add a pinch of black pepper and 1 tsp honey in it as those will prevent the fat accumulation process.


Start Drinking Green Tea in Place of Tea/Coffee

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Also, drink weight loss smoothies and replace the morning tea or coffee with green tea. Green tea is loaded with massive anti-oxidants that naturally boost the metabolism rate and thus aid in losing weight. Catechins are compounds found in green tea that release the fats from fat cells thus aid in fast weight loss process. So, start having 3 to 4 cups green tea every day and it will ensure a guaranteed weight loss.


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Exercise is a must for a guaranteed weight loss process. Yes, regular exercise and physical activity helps you lose the needed pounds quickly. Allot a fixed time every day for exercise and follow that strictly. A healthy weight loss procedure can never be possible without vigorous and moderate exercise. Running is the best one as its impact stays afterwards, as well. So try to walk at least for 30 minutes and run for few minutes.

Not just weight loss rather some light exercises are suggested to all as this activity reduces stress and improves the mood. Also, several kinds of diseases stay at bay if you keep on doing regular exercises.


Maintain a Healthy Diet

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A healthy diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruits and a low calorie diet is the key to lose weight fast. The diet should contain more protein and fiber but few carbohydrates. While protein will make you feel full for a longer time along with reduced cravings, fewer carbohydrates will help you lose weight. Some useful tips for your healthy diet:

  • Never skip any meal, especially breakfast.
  • Restrain the amount of sugar and salt intake.
  • Eat less but frequently.
  • Try to have dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Avoid snacks, junk food and other ready-made food and give preference to the home made food.

Also, include apple, brown rice, oats, whole wheat, fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt, spinach, beans, broccoli, etc. in your diet chart.

Have Apple Cider Vinegar in the Evening

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Apple cider vinegar is another helpful drink that aids the weight loss process. It has acetic acid property that prevents the accumulation of fat in our body. Mix 1-2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar in one glass of water and drink it. You can increase the amount from 1-2 tsp to 2-3 tbsp, but make sure the amount is not excessive. Besides ensuring weight loss, this vinegar has other benefits as well, such as fighting various infections.

Have this drink every day in the evening and spot the huge change in your weight.


Drink Lots of Water

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Water assists in flushing out the toxins from the body thus aiding in proper digestion. It is suggested to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. More amount of fluid intake will help you stay healthy as it increases the fat burning process, improves mood and beats different sort of diseases. But do not substitute water with any other drinks as it will be of no use. Also, you should not drink water during or immediately after meal. Maintain a 30 minutes gap after meal and then drink water.

Get Sound Sleep

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Sound sleep of 6-8 hours is a must every day. Sleep deprivation can lead to uneasiness in the body, while it also contributes to weight gain. Yes, falling asleep late at night will naturally make you hungry, and craving for hunger will force to have some snack or any other foods. But having something late at night is not going to aid you in achieving good health. It will create improper digestion, and inadequate sleep will also impact the proper release of hormones. So, do not compromise with your sleep to accelerate your weight loss process.

These are the strategies for losing weight effectively. Also, here are some additional tips to assist you in a guaranteed weight loss process.

  • Try to avoid taking elevator and climb stairs
  • Have 8-10 glasses water along with fresh coconut water 1 glass per day
  • Try yoga
  • Be more active in your daily life by doing the work by yourself
  • And include some spicy things like chili, black pepper, garlic, ginger, etc. as all these improve the metabolism rate and thus aid in weight loss process.

Keep the mentioned things in mind and everything will become much easier.